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Copy of Project INDU 6221

No description

Akiqur Rahman

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Project INDU 6221

Hadeed Current State HSM Current State HSM Future State Hadeed Future State Iron and Steel Company ( HADEED) Introduction

Location: Jubail, SA
Chemical and Steel Products
HADEED Company
Largest Steel Provider in Middle East & Africa
Net profit 40 B$, Assets 28.4 B$
Product ( Steel Coils, reinforce bars, structural steel, wires..) Outline

Hadeed Extended Current State Map
Hot Strip Mill Plant Current State Map
Hot Strip Mill Plant Future State Map
Hadeed Extended Future State Map
Conclusion Lean Enterprise

Applying Lean Enterprise principles on
Manufacturing Plant
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)

Team Members
Abdullah Attar
Abdulrahman Kassem
Mohammed Aljohani
Nawaf Almuqati
Ranih Alsahafi Conclusion &Improvement

  Load Leveling ( Hijanka Box) HSM Tak Time

TKT= 533 s HSM Tak Time

TKT= 533 s Hadeed Plants Conclusion &Improvement

  Load Leveling ( Hijanka Box) G1 40% G2 10%
G3 18% G4 8%
G5 12% G6 12% Quality
No. of Opreators
Demand Amplification Family Product

Steel coil in different Hardness level
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
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