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Social Media Etiquette PP

No description

Rachel Zaris

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Etiquette PP

The following slides include key guidelines we all must follow in order to be accountable as a sister and continue to represent our chapter as posed and classy women. Always remember the purpose of social media sites and treat it that way. Never treat a site like a diary or your biffle!

Also, prefacing something with “No offense, but . . .” or “Don’t get mad, but I HAVE to say this . . .” doesn’t make your comment acceptable. Cursing, spelling, and grammer are also a good idea to be cautious of!

Friends judge friends on that stuff! By: Caitlin Okrzesik The Sorority Girls' Guide to Social Media Etiquette
You are ALWAYS wearing your letters
(even at 2am at Cabanas DO!!!! Be aware of photos of you
tagged by your friends and
not just photos that you upload!

Tagged photos can also be viewed
by others even if you're not
friends with the account.

This means...bye, bye exclusive intership at that one super elite and classy/notable magazine company! DON'T!!!!! Posting pictures with alcohol in it IF you are underage is not allowed. EVEN if your precious manicured hands arn't holding it.

Older sisters should consider themself to be a role model and make sure the sisters that are in the photos with you are as innocent looking as possible! DON'T!!!!! Never use ANY negative or foul language on any social media sites. period. (OR it could end up on a PowerPoint about what not to do....)

This can not only damage your reputation but will also damage the chapters. Especically if you are bad mouthing another organization. DO!!!!!!! Post positive pictures of sisterhood events. Let's show our campus how great we are as a whole! DON'T!!!! Drink in letters. EVER. Always keep it classy in every setting and strive to keep a positive image for yourself AND Phi Sig! So in conclusion, Always follow the golden rule and ask yourself, "Is this something I would want my grandma to see/view?"

Asking yourself that should reveal quite easily whether it's appropriate or not!

And finally, never forget your letters are ALWAYS stamped on your forehead....EVEN in Cabanas at 2 AM....
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