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Subject and Object questions

No description

Núria Orra

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Subject and Object questions

Subject and Object
questions Núria Orra i Laura Parareda SUBJECT QUESTIONS A subject question asks about the subject (The person or thing that does the action) of the sentence. Have a look at the structure: Question Word + Verb + Optional Object or Complement + ? Example Who whatches horror films? OBJECT QUESTIIONS An object question asks about the
object of the sentence. You MUST change the word order of the question. Question Word + Auxiliary + Subject+Verb + Optional Object or Complement + ? Example! How much chocolate did Jane eat? QUESTIONS yes/no questions This kind of question is when the
answer is yes or no Did you go to the

Yes, I did.
No, I didn't. WH- QUESTIONS We use the questions words to form these kind of questions. QUESTION WORDS
The Question Words are usually: what, where, when, who, why, which, how. IDENTIFY OBJECT AND SUBJECT QUESTIONS The Question Words WHO and WHAT can be the subject of the question, but Where, when, why (etc.) can't be the subject. EXAMPLE "Who won the Eurovision Contest 2008?"
"Russia". Who is the subject.

“Where do you live? I live in Vic” Where is the object. 1. Who does Romeo love? Romeo loves Juliet.
Who loves Romeo? Juliet loves Romeo.

2. What did Paula buy yestarday?

3. Who ate two bars of chocolate?

4. Who did you help?
Who helped Sandra?

5. Where have you been this summer?

6. How many people went to the party?

7. Who watched “Gandía Shore”last Sunday?

8. What actor I met last month?

9. What is that?

10. What is bringing the teacher? In the first question, Romeo is the subject of the verb.In the second question ‘who’ is the subject and Romeo is the object. 2.Object 3. Subject 4. Object / subject 5. Object 6. Subject 7. Subject 8. Object 9.Subject 10. Object NOW, YOU CAN DO THE EXERCISE 1,2,3. PAGE 23 IN OUR STUDENT BOOK
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