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the Rabbit and the Coyote

No description

Elizabeth Jacobs

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of the Rabbit and the Coyote

A South American Folk Tail The Rabbit and the Coyote There once was a rabbit and a coyote. the rabbit always played tricks on the coyote the rabbit "said hurry the sky is falling"! "here hold this rock above your head to keep the sky from falling" Later that night the rabbit went to a pond to get a drink since the coyote was not the smartestof all animals so one day the rabbit was leaning against a big rock then the coyote came across the rabbit so the coyote did as he was told because he was not smart the rabbit said he was going to get a stick he never came back the coyote got very tired so he put the rock down even though the sky might fall the rabbit sees the reflection of the moon in the water the coyote comes to the pond too the rabbit says "look there is food in the water it's cheese" the coyote sees the cheese (the moon) and says "yes I see the cheese how do we get it" the rabbit said "drink all the water in this pond and you'll get to the cheese (the moon)" so the coyote starts drinking the rabbit said he was going to go on a walk he never came back the coyote drank until his stomach hurt the coyote stopped even though he did not get to the cheese (the moon) THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS: dont believe everything you hear
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