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John Cabot

No description

Isaac Bleckley

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of John Cabot

John Cabot
John's Birth
John Cabot was born in Giovanni Coboto in Italy around 1450.(1)
At age 11, his family moved to Venice, where he learned sailing and navigation from Italian seamen and merchants.(2)
Venice, Italy(12)
Cabot became inspired to become an explorier by the discoveries of Bartolomeu Dias and Christopher Columbus.
We Are Family
In 1474, John Cabot married a girl named Mattea and eventually became the father of three sons: Ludovico, Sancto and Sebastiano.(3)
Moving Again!?
By 1495, he had moved to Bristol, England, with his family.(4)
His Voyage.
In early May of 1497, Cabot left Bristol, England, on the Matthew, a fast and able ship weighing 50 tons, with a crew of 18 men.(5)
Land Ho!
On June 24, 1497, 50 days into the voyage, Cabot landed on the east coast of North America. Mistaking it for Asia. (8)
Thanks (18)
The country which sponcored John Cabot on his voyage was England who was under the rule of King Henry the VII.(7)
Mysterous End.
In May 1498, John Cabot departed from Bristol with five ships and a crew of 300 men. Historians believe that they were lost at sea. But, historians have recently discovered that Cabot might have survived and founded a settlement in Canada.(9)
Cabot and his crew sailed west and north under Cabot's belief that the route to Asia would be shorter and faster from northern Europe than Columbus's voyage.(6)
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Efects on Natives/Sponcers.
John Cabot made no contact with
Native People. But, he gained land for England and he was named a great explorer. (10)
John Cabot as a child. (
Christopner Columbus(13)
John Cabot's Ship(15)
King Henry the VII(16)
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