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Feudal Societies

No description

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Feudal Societies

Feudal Societies
Knight and Samurai
Samurai are the people that trained professional warriors. Knight are warriors who fought on horseback. The samurai serve for the daimyo and the knight serve for their lord (noble). Knight and Samurai receive land from their serve for their service and their serve give them weapon to go to war. the code for samurai is Bushido and the code for knight is chivalry.
Differences between Samurai and Knight
The differences between samurai and knight is most of their religion, like knight was Christianity and Samurai are Buddhism, Shinto, And Confucianism. Their art also different, most art from japan were about nature and mot art in Europe were religious . Their religion affect the looking of the world, people did not act the same way
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