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Marta Maguza

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of DAAD/DPJW

DAAD DPJW Mission Academic co-operation exchange of students,
Mediator organization government’s foreign policy
European policy
development Policy
higher education policy

Numbers and facts 1923- Austauschdienst der Hochschulen
reborn in 1950 229
higher education institutions 125
student bodies Scholarships For students
Grants for the German language course for advanced students
Short-term scholarships for students last year german filology
Short-term scholarships for students of last year german fiology, belonging to the German minority in Poland
Grants for Polish student groups traveling to Germany For graduates
Scholarships for study tours for graduates of all fields
Scholarships for study tours for graduates of art (architecture, music, art) For doctoral students
Grants for research stays in Germany for doctoral students
Grants for research stays in Germany for doctoral students belonging to the German minority in Poland.
DAAD lector Willy Brandt Centre
for Germany and European Studies at the University of Breslau 2002 General statistics German students ERASMUS/LEONARDO (since 1988) 325,200
Student placements (since 1950) 110,800
Study visits (since 1972) 86,800
One-semester and short-term scholarships (since 1950) 77,900
One-year scholarships (since 1952) 64,400
University partnerships (since 1989) 39,300
Project-linked exchange of academics (since 1989) 33,700
International study and exchange programmes – ISAP (since 1981) 25,500
DAAD Lektors (since 1950) 17,800
Short-term lectureships (since 1966) 14,600
Bilateral exchange of academics (since 1959) 11,300
Long-term lectureships (since 1966) 4,800 1963- DFJW
1991- DPJW 1991 Treaty of Good Neighbourship and Friendly Cooperation Dual management Polish office German office Off-school exchange, cultural cooperation, government programs, budget and finance school exchanges, sports, language learning,
teacher training, trilateral programs Stephan Erb Paweł Moras
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