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The 24hr

The Mugg & Bean 24 Hr featuring the EA Rock Feast

Alexia Beswick

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of The 24hr

Double click anywhere & add an idea What is the 24hr? The Mugg&Bean 24hr is a 3 part
entertainment extravaganza.
The Event
This yr the M&B 24hr consists of a 24hr Mountain biking race
A rock concert featuring 10 of SA's hottest bands
The Slo-Jo Little Muggers Adventure Quest THE RACE

What can you do in 24hours that combines friends, family, sport and live entertainment?
The annual M&B 24hour race of course!
Dates and Start Times: 30th and 31st August 2008 - 12h00 Saturday to 12h00 Sunday.
Venue: Maropeng - The Cradle of Humankind!
1.Solo - R250.00
2.Teams of 2(can be done on tandems) - R440.00
3.Teams of 4 - R880.00
4.Corporate teams of 5-10 - R1500 .00

What's it all about?
Twenty-four hour team relay racing highlights the sportsmanship, camaraderie and gritty,
hard-core fun that have been hallmarks of mountain bike racing from the very beginning.
Invented in 1992 in the USA, these events were designed from the ground-up to appeal to
the mountain biker's keen sense of fun. For the racers, these events are some of the most
memorable experiences of their lives. For the fans and spectators, they are sports spectacles
rivaling anything they have ever seen or done.

24 hour route description.

Distance: 11.8km
Expected time per lap-30min-45min
Starting Altitude: 1610m
Climbing per lap: 212m
Number of laps: unlimited
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