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Copy of Text Structure

No description

Lara Edge

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Text Structure

Text Structure Structure:
Chronological Order/Sequence

What it's like:
Putting events in the order that they occurr Structure:

What it's like:
Describing where things are or what they look like Structure:

What it's Like:
Giving a problem and possible solutions to it. Structure:

What it's Like:
Showing how things are the same or different. Set up your notes! Text Structure Definition: Structure What it's like Example Definition:How a text is organized. Example:
Patrick describes what his favorite place looks like. Example:
Rudy goes to jail because he attacks someone. Example:
Fiona looks in a list of places for her glasses. Example:
Fiona tells zombie girl her problem, and zombie girl gives her a solution to it. Example:
Zombie guy tells how the different parts of the body taste to him. Structure:
Cause & Effect

What it's like:
Showing how events cause other events to happen.
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