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Company Org Chart- Nintendo

No description

Jordan Howard

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Company Org Chart- Nintendo

Company Org Chart- Nintendo
Genyo Takeda
Senior Managing Director, General Manager of Integrated Research & Development Division and Representative Director
Shigeru Miyamoto
Senior Managing Director, General Manager - Entertainment Analysis & Development Division and Representative Director
Kaoru Takemura
Works on the Board
Minoru Ueda
Works on the Board
Naoki Mizutani
Works on the Board
Ken Toyoda
Works on the Board
Yoshimi Mitamura
Works on the Board
Hirokazu Shinshi
Works on the Board
Satoru Iwata
Fusajiro Yamauchi
Industry of Nintendo
Technology- Entertainment

Primary Products
Video games and video game systems are the main product being sold and offered. They create new and updated versions of said games and systems.
Nintendo Gamecube
A new system that offers new games-- came in two colors: silver and indigo.
Nintendo DS
A portable game that involves two screens- double the game play for double the fun!
Nintendo DS Lite
A lighter version of the original DS, still the same concept, just more compact.
A wireless interactive system that now alllows game play over the internet!
The unveiling of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the first official system of the company.
Gameboy Advance
This is the year that the Gameboy Advance came out-- a portable upgrade of the Gameboy.
Nintendo 3DS
Ever wanted to play a 3D version of a video game, but did not want to wear those annoying glasses? This is the system for you!
Wii U
A tablet version of the Wii that allows the user to have different experiences than the original Wii.
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