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Transcript of simposium

What's the earth's climatic change cause? volcano VOLCANO A volcano is a geological structure for which it he emerges magma (that is a molten rock) and gases of the interior of a planet. The ascent happens generally in episodes of violent activity named eruptions. The volcanoes are in constant activity, for what they throw to the environment toxic gases and aerosols that damage the atmosphere and the environment in which we live.
Some of the gases that the volcano throws are: CO2, CO, SO2, etc … Does it affect the emission of the gases of the volcano and the solar radiation to the climate of our planet? The human being INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES Transport Aerosols Chlorfluorocarbons Hypothesis The volcano the man expresses(emits) gases … also, and this alters the level of aerosols and toxic gases in the atmosphere and all these gases do that the solar radiation is kept in the atmosphere in more time of the "normal one" and this provokes that the planet warms up since the radiation cannot return to the space. And this way the energetic balance of the Earth is not fulfilled and all that is a raping radiativo.
They influence Greenhouse effect Erosion of the soil The erosion of the ocean PBL
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