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Libby's Platform

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libby g

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Libby's Platform

Death Penalty
Thirty-five states in the US have the death penalty. The US military and Government also carry out the death penalty. All the states and government use lethal injection as the primary form of execution. Other methods of execution include electrocution, hanging, gas chamber, and firing squad. Since 1976 there has been 1,348 executions. 65 percent of people support the death penalty.

I believe that all states should have the death penalty. The concept of the death penalty promotes justice. It also provides closure for the families hurt by the criminal. False Convictions are now extremely unlikely due to modern forensics. Death penalty also helps save lives as chances of repeat murders are eliminated and foreseeable murders are deterred. We need the death penalty in all states.

Minimum Wage
In 2012, 75.3 million workers in the United States age 16 and over were paid at hourly rates. Among those, 1.6 million people are paid minimum wage. Workers who earn minimum wage tend to be young, workers under 25 make up around 1/4 of the people who earn minimum wage. Currently the minimum wage rate is $7.25 per hour. However, President Obama wants to raise it to $10.10 per hour, a nearly 40% increase.

I believe the minimum wage rate should remain the same. If Obama moves it to $10.10 per hour it would reduce employment by 500,000 jobs. Raising the minimum wage could help a few people, but it will mostly cause job loss and increased poverty. Also the prices of products sold would increase, due to the increased pay of their workers.
Libby's Platform
Hour 2

Federal funded and governed US welfare began in the 1930's around the time of the Great Depression. In America 12,800,000 people receive welfare. 4.1% of Americans earn welfare. In 39 states people who get welfare receive more than a 8 dollar per hour job. Annually, the total government spending on welfare is $131.9 billion. In 8 states the welfare pay is greater than the average teachers salary.

My belief is that we should have a drug test along with welfare. I believe that too many addicts are taking advantage of welfare when it is meant for those in need of assistance. People are using welfare money in order to fulfill their own selfish needs instead of the truly needy using it. You should have to have more tests run in order to receive welfare.

The end
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