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History of The Aglet

No description

Lana Ersoy

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of History of The Aglet

History of The Aglet
By Lana Ersoy
Area of
Innovations of The Aglet
The Aglet
The aglet is the something at the end of a shoelace that keeps it from unraveling such as the common plastic or metal cap.
Need or Want
The simple plastic aglet is a need but the metal is a want, because it is part of a shoe and you need a shoe. With out it the shoelace would unravel and be almost impossible to tie.
Inventor of The Aglet
The inventor of the aglet is Harvey Kennedy in 1790. The aglet was originally just a shoelace that was dipped in wax, tied off at the end, or had tread wrapped around the end of a shoelace.
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The colorful plastic aglet
The clear plastic aglet
Any type that is colored or shaped other than a cylinder
The metal aglet
Heat shrink tubing aglet
Positive Impacts
Keeps you shoelace from unraveling
Makes it easy to tie your shoe
Helps your shoelace last longer
Negative Impacts
The aglet could crack and fall off which will make the shoelace unravel hard to tie, if this happens most time people just put tape around the tip which is an ineffective type of aglet.


discovered how to make plastic
designed the machines that make the aglet
designed the aglet
measured out the length and width
How could you make the aglet better?
stronger plastic
shorter in length to prevent snapping
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