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Thill mountains

what its like in the mountains and how humans effect it.

Jefferson Middle

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Thill mountains

mountains are cool and exciting i hope you enjoy this Mountains 4 animals that live in the mountains 4 plants that live in the mountains weather 2 natural resources black bears , great gray owl, voles, and the garter snake pine trees, reeds, wildflowers, and sedges weather in the mountains can be unpredictable the average yearly rain fall is about 30 to 50 cm or 12 to 20 inches. In the summer the temperature can reach 12 degrees Celsius in the winter it can reach -26 degrees Celsius or -15 degrees faranhight 2 natural resources that mountains have are fresh spring water cause it comes from the ground and snow is a natural resource because people don't make snow. animals are important to the mountains so take care of them. plant are important because animals need them for food. how do people effect this ecosystem when people cut down whole forests on a mountain it causes erosion and poisons fresh water streams. another way is that we take stuff like minerals from the mountains and effects the ecosystem. size of the mountains in America the highest peak of a mountain is at 20,320 feet Mount Mitchell is at 6,684 feet and the Rockeys are 14,000 feet these are just some of the mountains in America. 4 fun facts mountains have an effect on the climate, at upper elevations thin air absorbs less heat. Mountains are formed by the tectonic plates moving and causing land to rise and last of all its always snowy above the tree line. continents that mountains are located mountains are in every country
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