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Chapter 23: Last Trip Abroad, (1896)

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Ervin Padual

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 23: Last Trip Abroad, (1896)

Chapter 23
Last Trip Abroad, (1896)

No longer an exile, Rizal had a pleasant trip from Dapitan to Manila.


August 26,1896
-Cry of Balintawak

Because Rizal worried the raging hostilities he left for Spain on the steamer Isla de Panay which was his last trip abroad.

Leaving Dapitan he rode the Espana northward.

August 1- reached and achored at Dumaguete.
-visited his former classmate Herrero Regidor who was the judge of the province.

-The Espana left Dumaguete at 1:00pm and reached Cebu the following morning
-Rizal was fascinated by the entrance of Cebu which he considered "Beautiful"

-Rizal did to operations of strabotomy, one in the ears and another of tumor. (wrote in his diary)

August 3- Left Cebu going to Iloilo.
- Rizal did some shoppinh and visited the Molo Church.
-Again Rizal missed the steamer Isla de Luzon for Spain because it had left yesterday.

He wrote a letter to Blumentritt that he missed steamer.
Stayed for Manila in a month then the Gov. General Blanco have heard this events transferred Rizal to the Spanish cruiser Castilla.

-Rizal stayed at the cruise for month.
Two Reasons for worrying about the outbreak:
1. The violent revolution which he sincerely believed to be premature and would only cause much suffering and terrible loss of human lives and property.
2. It would arouse Spanish vengeance against all Filipino patriots.

He missed the steamer Isla de Luzon which sailed to Spain the day before he arrived at the Manila Bay.
-Kept as "guest" on board on the Spanish Cruiser Castilla.
Fray Mariano Gil- Augustinian Cura of TOndo that heard of the incident "Cry of Balintawak"
Governor Gen. Blaco declared a state of war in the first eight provinces: Manila,Bulacan,Cavite,Batangas, Laguna,
Pampanga, Nueva Ecija and Tarlac.
Received 2 letters for Gov. Gen. Blanco which absolved him from all the blame for the raging revolution.

September 2- tranferred to Isla de Panay sailing to Spain.
September 7- steamer arrived at Singapore where he ashore for shopping and sightseeing.
Don Pedro- advised him to stay behind and take advantage the protection of the British Law.
AFter not listening to the advices of his friends in the steamer he continued and not knowing that he is falling for a trap
Rizal= "dangerous Filipino"
On his departure he was unaware that Blanco and the Ministries were exchanging coded telegrams and confidential messages for his arrest in Barcelona.
A passenger told Rizal about the bad news which is he would be arrested and wrote to Blumentritt about it.
October 3- the steamer arrived in Barcelona with Rizal as prisoner on board.
The trip to Manila to Barcelona last for 30 days and he wast kept heavy guard in the cabin for three days.

The jailor was no longer the ship captain but the Military Commandant who happened to be Gen. Despujol.

2nd day- celebration of St. Framcis De Assisi.
October 6- escorted to the grim and infamous fortress Monjuich.

AFter the interview , Rizal was taken aboard the ship Colon which was full of soldiers and officers and their families which left Barcelona heading to Manila.
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