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tyke nd danny

No description

momina orakzai

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of tyke nd danny

Tyke nd Danny are
best friend .Tyke also help
Danny in his problems.
one day Danny
stole 10 pounds notes srom miss borfire puss
When he stole the 10 pounds note
he goes to tyke .when tyke hears he becomes very angry he says to danny that give this note back to miss borfire or u will get into trouble
when they goes to find missborfire sir see tyke nd call him
uptill that danny was very afride then tyke thinks to hide th note some where in the school .
Then they go to the store room of the school to hide the 10
pound note .there they saw a picture hanging on the wall
in this picture there was a young sir walter raleigh with a
sailor pointing out to sea swiftly ,tyke puts the tenner behide
the picture and switches off the lights
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