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Keynote - Rendering with Voxels

No description

David Lin

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Keynote - Rendering with Voxels

Rendering with Voxels B98902077 David Lin Papers: Efficient Sparse Voxel Octrees [nVidia] Interactive Indirect Illumination Using Voxel Cone Tracing
[Cyril Crassin, nVidia] Realtime Indirect Illumination How to store voxels in GPU? Sparse Voxel Octree For GPU... 1. Compact data layout
2. Child nodes with are stored in conjunction
3. A leaf node stores voxels as a "brick" in texture memory A voxel can tell... 1. Position
2. Color
3. Occlusion
4. ... Many Octrees... Leaf nodes are 3D textures Looks Like Texture Mipmaps THANKS FOR ATTENTION How To Render? Down-sample to larger node Bake Radiance & Directions For each fragment,
Gather indirect radiance Ambient Occlusion V is a visibility function Cone Diffuse Specular Future 1. Memory Efficiency on Dynamic Octrees
2. More Techniques
3. Examples
4. Animation Conclusion Question? 1. It offers good indirect illumination
2. The results are smooth
3. It can run on existing hardware
4. It's real-time! Sources of Voxels? 1. MRI Scanner
2. Triangle Meshes
3. Nurbs
4. ... Dynamic Voxelization Triangles Voxels Two modes:
1. Static: Pre-Voxelization
2. Dynamic: Add to the structure REALTIME DOOM (using 2D Ray-Casting) Ray-Casting! ≠ Ray-Tracing 錐子 BUT so many rays...
including direct lights and reflections IT WILL BE SLOW CONE Bundled Rays
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