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No description

Prathmesh Jakkanwar

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Outdoorsy

Project success path
Go live!
Technology stack and Tools used
Sprint 2
Modules worked upon : Home Page , Signup & Login , Maps , API Services , Event Details , Preferences
Sprint 1
Modules Worked Upon : Home Page , Signup & Login , Maps , API Services
Geared up User!
Sprint 3
Future Work
Sprint 3
Sprint 2
Sprint 1
Unit Tests : 18/18
Manual Tests : 30/33
Failed Tests : 3
Unit Tests : 31/31
Manual Tests : 7/9
Failed Tests : 2
Tests for Sprint 1
Applications out there in the market (quite few competitors) provides list of events happening around the city in a traditional way. The focus of these existing applications are not upon the Map UI.
Results Achieved:
We successfully developed the login module and the map ui. The outdoorsy application takes user location as the input and renders map displaying the active life and outdoor events near the user.
Pleasant Surprises:
The OpenShift cloud platform for hosting our web app was a great find by the team.
Challenges Faced:
Firstly, forming the directory structure for the development process was a big challenge. Secondly, customizing the available api as per our need was a challenge.
We successfully authenticated the user (i.e) DOM to Facebook Auth, but the backtracking from Facebook to DOM to relay data had glitches.

REquirements delivered in Sprint 1
Results Achieved:
Successfully deployed the user preference and event details module.
Pleasant Surprises:
The event object returned from Eventbrite API had the ticket information and was consumed to display the ticket prices for the events in the event details page.
Challenges Faced:
While adding Jenkins cartridge on OpenShift, we faced configuration issues resulting in downtime (~10 hours) of the outdoorsy application. The complete development environment restoration had to be performed from scratch. (Kudos to Venkatesh for the restoration.)
Upon browser refresh on the EventDetails page, it forces the Outdoorsy app to navigate to maps page. We have a fix for it, and is planned to be addressed in the next sprint.

Tests for Sprint 2
REquirements delivered in Sprint 2
User Preferences , Event Details
Unit Tests : 73/73
Manual Tests : 46/46
Failed Tests : 0
Tests for Sprint 3
REquirements delivered in Sprint 3
User Profile , Share Events
Results Achieved:
We successfully deployed User Profile and Share Events. The FAQ's and AboutUs page as well went live.
Pleasant Surprises:
Facebook Share feature of the Events was readily accessible without having to implement it from scratch. The Node Mailer package simplified our Mail Service for the sign-up alerts.
Challenges Faced:
We left no stone unturned and fixed the browser reload of event details page that previously forced the application to navigate to maps page.
Referral Program was a slip due to time constraints.

Modules worked upon : UserProfile , Event Details , AboutUs , FAQ
Referral Program - To increase the number of users, globalize the application and enhance market value.

Ticket Reservation - Currently we redirect to third party website for ticket purchase. Having inhouse ticket reservation would increase the monetary gains.

Security - Adding SSL to application.

Mobile App - Extend our service across different platforms.

Outdoorsy API Services - Outdoorsy API Services to enable users to seamlessly obtain event data.
Sprint 1
Sprint 3
Sprint 2
Where we started
Where we are
CS5500 -Fall2015
Final Project Presentaton
Abhimanyu Kulkarni
PRathmesh Jakkanwar
Sujith Narayan
Venkatesh Balasubramanian
Team Huskies
Project Development cycle
Technical - We were successful in implementing the project with initial technical difficuties due to the fact that new technologies were being used. The learning curve was steep initially but it gradually flattened out.

Social - There's satisfaction in knowing that the app empowers the common user to choose events from a simple map-based interface. We asked people to use the application at various stages of development and the feedback was always positive. It was a highly rewarding experience from a social perspective. As a team we found that we had a good team chemistry and it was a great learning experirnce working with the team.

Process - We always went by the rule book as far as process was concerned. We followed the MVC pattern for the structure, and AGILE development methodologies for the design and development of the application.
Performance Improvements
The Google's page speed
analysis software to measure the performance of Outdoorsy application on desktop devices. The initial analysis had the following ratings:
Desktop -> 62 / 100

We fine tuned the Outdoorsy application by using minified versions of the javascript files. The results turned out to be fruitful.
Desktop -> 78 / 100
Google page-speed analysis:
Our code base has over
5865 lines of code
including the frontend, backend and testing.
We found a total of
9 critical bugs
during the alpha testing of the application.
Our earlier plan was to use a crawler to get the data from the various websites on the web as well as use government data (with consent) to increase the monetary factor, which is a future scope for our application.
Facebook Login
Facebook SignUp
Map like/dislike
Event Detail like/dislike
Even Detail page refresh
System Architecture
We had proposed a referral program feature within the application but due to time constraints we could not add it to the current release. It will be a part of future releases.
We the Huskies, designed Outdoorsy application having prime focus on the Map UI to display events with just a button click. The Map UI provides visual representation of the events location with distance factor, aiding the user to make his/her decisions for attending the event accordingly. We feel this to be the USP of our application.
Outdoorsy - The Story
Learnings and Ideas
We had continuous delivery of valuable software at the end of every sprint. If we were given another project in the future, we would prefer going with the Agile Software Development model. We believe using MEAN stack was a great idea for this project. Its limitless applications catereted our needs smoothly. Our team was a perfect match of skills and talents and we feel that in the future we would love to work together on other projects as well.
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