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E-learning and Digital Culture

My Digital Artefact

Heidi Hewitson

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of E-learning and Digital Culture

I am a High School Teacher
Week 3
Facebook #EDCMOOC
Google + #EDCMOOC
Prior to starting I joined the following groups and watched these two clips
Utopia and Dystopia
"Our students have changed radically. Today's students are no longer the people our education system was designed to teach"
Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants
My favourite Dystopia Movies
The Matrix
Hunger Games
must be good
improves everything
However movies usually portray technology as negative
In 1994 when I was learning to use a computer my 2 year old son learnt to type his name on it.
Digital immigrants are attempting to teach digital natives how to use digital technology.
The legacy - traditional methods (the old way)
The future - digital and technological (the new way)
Hole in the Wall - Computer Experiment
Children can learn on their own
eg. within:
1hr they were browsing
1 week using common PC functions
1 month downloading
Dissatisfied with the current way of teaching ... I started to look for new ways and ideas to teach whilst searching for the direction of future education.
OMG Global Learning
42,500 students enrolled
Marc Craste's animation
(my high school friend).
Definitely dystopic and maybe utopic.
Week 1
They don't need us anymore!!!
The Unstoppable Machine
The IT revolution has caused widespread and massive social change and we can be left feeling helpless and unable to keep up. We struggle with the new technology.
Technozealots trudge along with no productivity improvement or without demand.
Can we choose how to use it, not let it use us
It is not just a conveyor of data and information but a media metaphor.
I enrolled in a MOOC
Week 1 - Films
it is a basic human right
will increase learning for students worldwide
uniting peoples with common interests
at a decreased cost for students and families
students can do it in own time tailored to their own needs and learning styles
remote students can get access
great for people in career changes
traditional uni degrees are outdated
lecturers can read their audiences
students and teachers come together and form a unified group that won't replace the traditional college experience
it could be used as surveillance, for control
it diminishes the quality of on-campus education
only small proportion complete the courses
it is hard to keep online students on track and interested
The Global Classroom
But online teaching misses that
Thoughts from this readings. The pros and cons of online education.

But I don't trust computers, like I don't trust their users -
They're gonna take control, we've all seen the movies -
But I can't see how that'd change a thing for you and me,
Cause half of the kids that I know, uh, already worship Google,

The other half will spend their final days on Facebook,
Making events about the end that no one came to,
But you can catch me on my soapbox,
Telling them that it won't stop, until we flick the switch and turn this globe off
'Maybe Tomorrow' by Chance Waters
........the technology of mass education (i.e. books) have been around for a long time
The Flipped Classroom
"the first book was a mooc"
Darwin - Origin of the Species
OMG! An image upload and a corresponding blog. Getting brave now!!
Week 4
Week 5
arguably the most influential book of all time
Disadvantages of distant education
lack of human connection
student's don't feel connected
only focusing on one style of learning
children and a lot of adult learners need hands on - kinetic experiences
face-to-face communication is crucial for communication skills
it is estimated that 1/3 less face-to-face communication with the current generation
students are spending half their school time in front of computers
the reliance of schools to incorporate computers is considered unnecessary - the necessary computer skills can easily be learned in one year
creative thought is being curtailed by computer based learning
The Human Touch
by Lowell Monke
We need to learn "which technologies can best serve human purposes at every educational level and how we can prepare children to make wise decisions about their use in the future."

"We must help our young people develop the considerable moral and ethical strength needed to resist abusing the enormous power of these machines"
The Human Touch - we are losing the human connection. We need to find ways to use the technologies that will best serve the needs of future generations
The Future
human evolution is incomplete we will continue to evolve using technology
our brains are just an outdated computer
predictions that we will soon be able to upload our mind into computers or be directly connected to our brains
Is it the "world's most dangerous idea" or just smart thinking?
We are ever reliant on our computers or smart phones for information. They are our second ... or backup brains. We could argue - are we relying on them as our first brain? They have become our calculator, calendar, main method of communication, organiser, source of information etc, etc....
Would it be nice to access all that information without having to download or access it through a hand-held device??????
The Flipped Classroom - a future model of the classroom
Week 2
My final artifact - Evolution
This is my journey through the course. It shows my personal evolution as I take one tentative step towards my first MOOC. It shows that as I develop my confidence I take larger and more steps each week. This Prezi is reflections of the readings, favourite quotes* and snippets of collected information that I like for that week. There is a link to my only blog, my submitted Week 3 photo and at the end my VideoScribe. Please watch. I hope you enjoy it all as much as I have enjoyed the journey.
* anything in inverted commas is a direct quote from our readings
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