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New Topographic Photography

Emma Connor Leslie Christensen Heidi Wheeler

Emma Koepsell

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of New Topographic Photography

Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape
1975 New Topographic Photography Robert Adams
Lewis Baltz
Joe Deal
Frank Gohlke
Nicholas Nixon
John Schott
Stephen Shore
Henry Wessel, Jr. Photographers: "What I remember most clearly was that nobody liked it... I think it wouldn't be too strong to say that it was a vigorously hated show." Frank Gohlke It has transcended the orginal 1975 exhibition at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY to become an enduring categroy in contemporary art. "The most important aspect of the show, which featured ten photographers who took the American landscape and it's built environment as their subject, was not the photgrapher's common approach but that it marked the point at which photograhy was no longer marginalized as an artistic medium. Most of the New Topographic's work was made between six and eight years later. The lineage of these photographers was much more closely linked to photographers such as: Walker Evans and Robert Frank and their evaluations of the American landscape in what Evan's termed documentary style. Many of the series were products of cross country jouranies and all showed the conflict between the frontier spirit of traversing the majestic country side and the stark reality of the pale, dank sprawl of motels, shops, and houses that they encountered. Joe Deal's overhead views of tract houses- plunked down among dirt, desication and shrubs in Albugquerque, New Mexico- make the buildings look like small lunar moduals on the barren surface of the moon revealing a more overtly ideological statement about the imperfect intersection of the man made landscape with the land itself. John Schott, Henry Wessel Jr., and Steven Shore all trained their lenses on the uniquely banel architecture that peppered the roadside landscape. April 2010 New Topographics
By: Christy Lange www.frieze.com/issue/review/new_topographics Do you think that thse artist's styles would be popular today?
Would you buy their work?
How did this movement effect future photographers?
How can we, as photographers, incorporate this movement into our work?
What makes a good Topographic image? Discussion: {Frank Gohlke, one of the participating photographers told the LA Times when the exhibition was restaged last year at the LA County Museum of Art.} References: Robert Adams William Gedney Lewis Baltz Stephen Shore Walker Evans
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