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Body Language

No description

Paul Spitz

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Body Language

Body Language
-Paul Spitz
What is Body Language?

Body language is EVERYWHERE!

Body language makes up over 90% of total communication
Most forms of body communication are done unintentionally
Body language and image go hand and hand

Did you know..?

Body language is nonverbal communication
Sending signals with our bodies or expressions
Subconscious projections

Body Language is…

There are many forms of Body Language..
“The Look”

Eyes narrowed and eye brows furrowed can be a sign of anger
The eyes and eyebrows can stand alone to show a wide variety of emotions

Many facial expressions are involuntary

Shows flattery
Can display nervousness
Attraction can be a trigger
Blushing can redden cheeks, wrinkle the nose, and usually doesn’t go alongside eye contact


Is the most effective conveyer of emotion
Can display many feelings
May be used to interpret wellness

The Face

Facial Expressions

In dating, marriage, or in general, the wink is the cliché tool of the flirt
The wink can mean that you find someone attractive, want to act on said attraction, or are just being silly

The wink

Most basic forms of facial expressions
Show happiness and sadness

Smiles and Frowns

Wide eyes can convey surprise and fear
Other signs may include raised eye brows


Squared up feet= not always bad

Squared up feet= Showdown

Can indicate subjects of interest
Can show attentiveness or inattentiveness
May show levels of comfortability

Placement of the Feet


Crossed legs in some cases can show that someone is paying close attention to you while it can also show that you are being tuned out

Crossed feet controversy



Well being
Levels of self esteem
Moods and emotions

Posture Communicates:



Gestures have an insane amount of applications
Many gestures are cliché
Gestures can be both voluntary and involuntary
Expressive way of communicating ones feelings

The world of gestures

Sign Language

Gestures by your truly

Not so face to face

Face to Face


The distance between two people
A means through which one can interpret intentions
A display of comfort ability or trust


Practical applications:
Used by justice system
Identifies perpetrator based on:
How suspects carry themselves
Observing mannerisms
Watching for subconscious tells

Canada Police

The “One Finger Victory Salute”
A good indicator of RAGE

Traffic Whispering

Cues in Marriage

Spouses expect you to read their moods
Partners will drop non verbal cues that you are supposed to pick up on
Can help decipher the mood

How important is picking up on body language?

Sometimes a slumped posture means that the partner is in need of comfort
A stiff upright posture can be a sign that you may have goofed
A loose posture means that your partner is “chill”


Fiery eyes
The wink
The “look”
The love story smile
Eyes on the floor

Facial Expressions

Far away= not happy
Close= not happy AT All, or happy happy happy


Picking up on these signals can be very crucial in a relationship
Can help you predict the emotional forecast
Bad idea not to notice

In conclusion:
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