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Alissa Mitsubishi Customer Journey

No description

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Alissa Mitsubishi Customer Journey

Mitsubishi Customer Journey
Website Enquiries
Customer Journey
Welcome eDMs
Brochure Bundles

eDM Bundles
Brochure Form
Currently lots of choice

Simplify further with enquiry
Book a test drive
Request a quote
Arrange a callback
Order a brochure

Expand brochure choice
Postal Brochures
Jeep, Kia, Honda, Isuzu, Toyota, Mercedes, Hyundai and Volvo amongst companies who offer postal brochures
27 out of 40 manufacturers offer postal method and at least one online method
Disregarding Dacia and Tesla Motors as well as Mitsubishi, 73% of manufacturers offer brochures by post.
L200 trial shows positive conversion rates:

Currently offer brochure by email and interactive brochure for free

Merge options and request more data with form

We benefit from knowing more about the customer

Monitor customer through full journey
1,576 prospects through email a week
784 through interactive a week
Give option of brochure by email or post
Form to allow users to select up to two models
Form to request full name as well as email address
If post option is chosen, form will request further details
preferred delivery address
optional mobile number

Interactive brochure will be instantly available

Bounceback email will supply PDF copy
Form Updates
Subtle tweaks to enhance customer experience.

Email or Telephone response to Telephone response only

Contract Hire
Removed transmission choice

Future Changes
Include option to give preferred contact time on Test Drive and Callback forms
What’s this? links to be added

Simple bounceback emails will be sent for Contract Hire and any Customer Services request.

Amended sender from ‘website’ and ‘cs’ to ‘Mitsubishi Motors UK’
Bounceback Email - Stage 1
Added header and Mitsubishi Motors logo for instant identification
Stage one now in effect whilst stage two is being developed.
Tailored series of emails containing useful and informative content to all 'next step' requests with an aim to improve conversion.

Call to action on each email prompting visit to local dealer or to book a test drive.

Three 'bundles' available pre-purchase:
Digital Brochure - 3 emails
Physical Brochure - 3 emails
Test Drive/Call Back - 2 emails

First email:
Brochure download
Order acknowledgment
Model specific links
accessories, price list, offers

Third email:
Prominent dealer CTA
Relevant Services
5 year warranty
Mitsubishi First

Second email:
Model specific information
running costs, towing, 4WD, NCAP rating
Media relevant to model
Email and Post bundles to follow similar route.
Test Drive/Callback Bundle
First email:
Request acknowledgment
Inform dealer will contact them at preferred time
"In the mean time..." include model specific links
brochure, offers, price list
Second email:
Thank you for XX request.
Anything more we can do?
If you need anything else contact XX
Promote services
"Next time you visit, why not ask us about..."
Bundle 1 - Post
+1 day
+3 days
Start with PHEV eDMS...
Create a welcome journey
show topics/outline of eDMs
+2 days
+2 days
Bundle 2 - Email
Bundle 3 - Test Drive/Callback
Stage 2
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