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New Dating Service

No description

Mauricio Arevalo

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of New Dating Service

Complete Feeds system to help the user to be update in all status and activities of the network
Profile User
Using USSD and OBD campaigns to collect 3 important Parameter of the user.
Movistar Social Network
Content must be the pushing element to generate consumption...
Create levels profiles based in consumptions, usage and payment
Find a Friend now
Change to...
FIRST reason why the poeple use a Dating Services is looking for a Couple!
If you have the Age of the user is easier font a compatibility with someone in your network!
Main KeyPoint to offer to the user the location of the others users in the service
User can Update the Status any time using a command...
" Hello all. I´m Mario from #BTA. Today ready to work!
All users in the network will receive the updates in a random feed based on Age and Location...
Location is important factor to begin a search of someone...
Today I will be in #BeerShop at #3Pm. I hope have lucky today!!!!
The user can configure the Feeds based in places, cities and hours...
I´m in #BTA!!! ; lets meet today in from of AppleShop at #3pm.
User can costume the frequency feeds and select the topics or user that want folow...
Horoscope Dating tips Love Meter
Content Partner must be create a special Horoscope content focus in MDS features as City or Age!
True Love Tarot is a fun and revealing way to help you find your soul mate and ignite the passion of true love. Reply #Passion and get the list of users are looking for it!
Using topics include in the message the user can start to receive a update based in special #topics...
On Fridays the number of womans alone in the Bars increase in 45%. this is the topic place more send today #BeerShop, Replay and receive the updated about this place.
Dating tips must be invite to use the features of the service or follow some topics..
Love Meter Feaure will send a alert of users nicks used...
Is moment to know if this person are intestesting in you.. Send #LM_friendNick to 333.
Both users receive a message..
You will receive a message if Marie22 reply if are interesting to meet you.
Hello Marie22, Joe33 are interesting contact to you. Send #Joe33 and see his profile. If you want contact directly reply Joe33.
All the users that pay the subscription regular price can receive Content, use the Features and have a Limited updates and Topic follow...
Premium user can use #topics and #Place unlimited but have a limited Feed updates..
Can use all features, Topics and Feed unlimited. In addition his Nickname and updates always appear first!!!
Fast and Easy
Our way to change the experience of text to voice
1.Use OBD to collect Profile Data

2.Send a short Love Histories by OBD like example how this person find a couple in Dating.

3.User Text to Voice to send a Update and Feed by OBD.
1. Create calls direct to the phone user using Dating IVR system. #IVR_friendnick

2. Listen Updates, Feeds and Post in a Special IVR Channel.

3. Each Profile can be a special MMN where all users can call and listen my post, music and leave a commnets... #Joe22-334564
1. Send a iOBD for Churn users inform others users are unhappy for your departure.

2. Mix a SMS alerts with Calls to make more interestiong the experience to post or comments any topic.
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