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Evian - Baby and Me

No description

Rebecca Waterhouse

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Evian - Baby and Me

Call to action
'Live Young'
'Luxury' mineral water
Outdoor Campaign
Resonance Advertising
Was the campaign successful?
Rebecca Waterhouse

Baby & Me 2013
1789 - believed to cure some illnesses
1935 - promoted the water for babies as it's bacteria-free purity didn't require boiling
Interactive bus stop displays
Digital Campaign
"Set to be the most watched ad ever" Daily Mail
Television Advert 2013
Baby and Me Campaign
Over 29 million YouTube views in 5 days
Reinforce no. 1 water used by mothers for their babies
Babies are true to their story
Renewing the 'Live Young' concept
Reminder of the claim to “solve” the problem of aging
Over several ice ages, a natural 15 year filter developed in the French Alps
Why create campaign?
14 years
Marketing Communications Objectives
Good content
Campaign buzz
& social networking
Over 29 million YouTube views in 5 days
64 million views today
Evian Baby has over 600,000 likes
Evian brand has only 209,000 likes
What determines success?
Spreads like a virus
links cognitive side with consumer involvement
Sales increase 0.4% in last year
Increase awareness
Drive brand switching
Marketing Strategy
"type of affective message strategy in which an advertisement is designed to connect a product with a consumer’s experiences to develop stronger ties between the product and the consumer."
(Clow & Baack, 2005)
Consumer experiences
Takes consumer back to experiences had growing up
Positive emotions match good quality product
Thank you for listening
Evian's sales are up
Target Market
Healthy Lifestyle
Mothers for their babies
Middle class (Luxury)
Environmental enthusiasts
All ages
Regular mineral water purchasers
Knowing your market
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