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Picture Essay on The Flash

No description

Tomi saric

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Picture Essay on The Flash

The Understanding Of Nothing Is True Enlightenment When viewing the modern world, everything around us seems to have its specific purpose, order, and reason for being. Yet when looking at the finer workings of the world, many of these "key" elements become less important and unneeded. Action: Action: " I understood nothing. Nothing, nothing about anything: I didn't understand the reason for things or for people, it was all senseless, absurd...And I stood there, lost, because as i saw it now everything had fallen into place again". The Flash
By: Italo Calvino Description: Emotional story: Action: Through an epiphany moment the lesson has been learned and discovered. The moment sought by all, and sometimes as fast as it appears it disappears, the moment lost to history. The main focus of this piece of artwork is a man or woman, seen pushing, or casting away the surrounding darkness, that is encroaching in his/her world. It can also be viewed as a moment or enlightenment and understanding for the individual in the work or art. In this work of art a shard of light is penetrating the surrounding area or world. The light shines and rests on this one individual who has their arms spread wide to either embrace the light or to send it further through the darkness to find what the darkness is not revealing to the individual in the painting. Even though the image seen seems to be quite simple it still carries a powerful message. From an individual standpoint it can be viewed as a moment of understanding and enlightenment during a time of darkness. On the other hand the image can be viewed as mans acceptance of what is arround them, and that it is time to change the current structure of what is accepted and practiced in society. Action: This image is showing an industrialized world popping out at the viewer showing its importance. The globe is over exaggerated and bold in appearance. The importance of material goods is ever present and visible in this image. Description: the image is visually impressive giving you the impression of a three dimensional structure. The winding roads, magnificent cities, and variance of colour contributes to the overall visual experience to show how important, infrastructure and materialism has become in our world. Emotional Story: This image relates directly to the main theme being represented. This image represents the theme, by suggesting that unimportant and purposeless material goods have infiltrated our daily lives giving us a false sense of understanding of life and the purpose behind it. We have become senceless dornes that now anger, the second our materialistic life becomes threatened and protest the idea of giving these material luxuries for a simpler and more enlightened exsistence. Action: The green and black clash giving the impression of opposition and contrast between the two. It is one among many standing out and is ostracized/ separated from the masses. Description: The small geen cube as seen in the picture is among a horde of black interconnected spheres. They are removed from the green cube forming a ring to separate themselves from the different, almost eccentric cube. Emotional Story: This image represents differences in both appearance, and thought. When a different way of thinking first comes about it is often looked at as ireggular and unacceptable. The green block is reflecting the black in an attempt to show their similarities yet the fact that the cube has somehow achieved something better and more fulfilling than the simple black spheres. Through its own enlightenment or understanding it has exposed itself to social alienation as seen above. In this Photograph a young girl looks to be thinking while looking upwards at the heavens. Even in her youth she seems to be reflecting and looks to be inquisitive. Description: Simple yet complex, the image forces us to explore the power in knowledge and inquiry. Through the action of productive thought she explores new realms of understanding, and grasping this complex world and society. Emotional story: When looking at this image the first thought that comes up is innocence of youth and deep undisturbed thinking. Through the power of this picture we discover that through the understanding of our world we will find the purpose for everything and find that dreams of enlightenment will certainly become reality. True Meaning Through the understanding of nothing that holds importance you begin to reach your own form of enlightenment, separate from the main basin of society.Your experience is your own and your thoughts as well. Move beyond the simple purpose of somethings existence, and explore the world of feeling, emotion, unexplainable joy and misinterpritation Works Cited Action: Description: Emotional story: Vast, misinterpreted, complex, beautiful, and unexplored are only a few words to describe the galaxy we float in, thrive in, and live in. This image gives you a feelinng of awe and wonder. This orb of light, dust and rock, houses billions of living organisms, which can survive within its embrace. life's purpose, along with its material aspect must have an origin within this mess of floating turmoil we call a galaxy and our own planet earth. when looking/viewing this image, not one individual can grasp its entirety. Understanding holds no place among its folds of stars and planets. Simply through not understanding will you finally figure out the reason for its being and your purpose along with it. Purpose is everything and the goal of everyone. Understanding nothing of the mundane will surely lead you to fulfillment of the mind. Nikola tesla Description: Nikola Tesla staring at a glowing light bulb while showing an expression of understanding and deep thought. Emotional Story: The classic image of a turned on light bulb immediatley leads someone to think of the eureka moment. The purpose of that certain endeavor is finally discovered just as Nikola invented countless different products. But perhaps some knowledge is better left to the senses removing thought similarly to the moment of not understanding anything or its purpose in the Flash fiction story The Flash. the main character still finds a smile on his face and a laugh in his throat even with the knowledge of nothing, feeling it is better than accepting the norm. By: Tomislav Saric http://www.jagaro.net/tag/enlightenment/ http://sevendesktop.com/fantasy-planet-earth-hd-desktop-wallpaper.html http://tapasmotivation.blogspot.ca/2012/01/normal-0-false-false-false.html http://8tracks.com/dubstepticon/dream-a-little-dream http://en.paperblog.com/how-to-picture-the-size-of-the-universe-104924/ http://cargocollective.com/sabigotho/Nicola-Tesla Visual Art Photo Essay
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