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The Asian Leopard Cat

No description

Katherine Le

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of The Asian Leopard Cat

Background photo by t.shigesa
*The Asian Leopard Cat*
By : Quiosha & Catherine

Interesting Facts :
* China alone has killed 150,000 Leopard cats for their fur
* They can be considered as pets
* Their are 11 known species

4 . If the animal would ever get extinct then it would become a big threat to the food web of the Leopard Cat. All the other organisms that rely on them would be threatened. For example the fish that they consume would result into overpopulated, then there would be too much fish for that pond to function and the ecosystem would fail.

5. If the asian leopard cat got extinct the animal that the leopard consumes would still be their and the population of that specie would be over population which would cause them to take over and consume all the other producers and the ecosystem would be destroyed. So the Ecosystem wouldn't be sustainable.

6. Humans should be concerned and shouldn't be concerned because the leopard cat a threatened specie because it isn't as harmed as other species. The leopard has gone through habitat loss and humans taking these cats as pets . These cats are important because they are part of the environment,culture, & mythology of human beings hundred years ago , and people are selling the leopard kittens online for money when they need to stay in their habitat and environment.

7. The leopard cat isn't endangered but it is threatened by human activities , so we should be concerned but not seriously concerned . We feel that just because animals are not seriously endangered doesn't mean no one should care . They're are many different facilities they made to help the wild cats . They are trying to make fur trade illegal in Japan. Hunting is banned in most countries. a captive breeding was created at Fukouka Zoo.
The Asian Leopard Cat
1. The asian leopard cat ( The felis Bengalesis ) are the result of breeding a domestic cat with an asian leopard cat . The reasons for the breeding is so they get a cat that acts like one and looks like a leopard . They can be found in all parts of Asia . India , Africa , China ,Korea , Singapore ,Taiwan ,Philippines ,Borneo, & Thailand . These cats are very shy and they live in forests , jungle caves, trees , big roots of trees and deserts . Since their night cats they mostly prefer places close to the water. They are carnivores & their diet is rodents, small birds, amphibians, fish, insects,reptiles, and other small mammal .

2. The population is decreasing due to human reasons . The distribution has also changed instead of living in a forest or jungle . They are forced to being a house cat and live in homes . In the 1960s a estimate was 250-300 , bu in 2002 it was estimated to 80-110

3. In 1974 , their was an agreement called "CITIES" which meant animal and plants, nearly once hundred countries attended to that important event. This agreement wiped out most of the leopard cats . Due to them being house cats they have to eat packaged cat food instead of their natural diet . The amount of specie loss is mainly due to habitat loss , and they're forced to live in small areas because of clear cutting and fertilizer that farmers use .

8.There are plenty of organizations that try to help our species in particular there is a foundation called "Wild Cats World" they try to make a difference for all wild cat species . they raise awareness but also release some cats back to their natural habitat. In order to raise awareness and release them they must fund raise and get sponsors.
Baby Leopard Cats
The Leopard Cats Habitat
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9. A great plan of action for our species to not get extinct is that they should all be released to their natural habitat, for this to happen they would need to ban animal fur trade in Japan and make it illegal to sell them on websites ex; kijiji, ebay… Basically the best things to do for these animals are just to raise awareness and make sure people are aware of what’s going on and the consequences.

11. We organized our project in half so Quiosha did questions 1,2,4,8 and Katherine did 3,5,7,9. After finishing those questions we both put it all together on prezi. We put the websites we used all together and created the Bibliography. So all in all the project went very well and we are happy about how each of us contributed. 
Asian Leopard Cat
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