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Rob Dyrdek

Inspirational Person

Valerie Diaz

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek By; Valerie Diaz Rob Dyrdek How he got started Something that a lot of people might not know is that Rob wasn't the most loved skater. He would go out to skate in the streets and people would get mad. They would end up calling the cops on them to deal with them.
His friend, Big Black would be the one to distract the officers or the people who would get annoyed by them. So he was like his body guard. Rob & Big Pics Rob & Big Mini Bio Rob Dyrdek was born and raised in Kettering, Ohio and was born on June 28, 1974. Rob began to skate at age 12 and became a pro skater at age 16 for Alien Workshop. They were so know from running from the cops and skateboarding and made a show. Thus came the famous show called "Rob and Big". Also featuring a few of there friends. Rob Dyrdek has a building that is the main office for all his businesses. For all his TV shows, clothing line, sneaker line, skate boards, and his action figures. His close friends and cousins work along side of him and they call it the "Fantasy Factory". Fantasy Factory Fantasy Factory Pictures THey do not only handle business in the Fantasy Fantasy Factory. They also do pretty crazy things there. Not only just fun and games. Most people know Rob as the guy from Ridiculousness and the pro skateboarder that has a clothing line and a couple shows. But what they do not know that he is more than that. He actually has his own foundation called the Rob Dyrdek Foundation. As said before. Rob started out as the guy who skated at unwanted places and would get the cops called on him. He wants to open legal skate plazas across the nation for local skaters to skate without being harassed by the authorities. Skate Plazas Here are just a few photos of skate plazas he has opened. D.Y.R.D.E.K. Day D.Y.R.D.E.K. Day (pt.2) We were able to see this day be established. And when that day came, which is on February 1st, him and his friends went out to the streets of California to cheer people up and just make them smile. A few things that they did on this day was hand out flower bouquets to women they saw. Give out balloons that had money in it. And had music for people to dance. But here was on guy that they stopped in the streets and gave him $200. The man said that he had just got out of the county jail the night before and prayed for a blessing. And that rob was his blessing. The magical day of D.Y.R.D.E.K. Day Here are just a few picture that were taken on D.Y.R.D.E.K. Day. Dyrdek? As you can see, Rob Dyrdek is a man on man things. But we can all say that he is definitely an inspiration to society and to myself. And do not forget to ask yourself: The foundation is about making legal skate plazas for the local skateboarders Here are only just a few of the things that you would of sen in the show "Rob & Big". Sense Rob has given back so much to the kids of California, and is such a great role model, he was allowed to have an official D.Y.R.D.E.K day. On this day, D.Y.R.D.E.K. stands for " did you really do everything kind?". On an episode of Fantasy Factory. And when that day came, Rob and his friends of Fantasy Factory dressed up. D.Y.R.D.E.K. ?
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