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Feline Digestion: IAMS vs. Friskies

Comparing the rates of digestion between IAMS and Friskies dry cat food brands.

Sarah Harris

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Feline Digestion: IAMS vs. Friskies

IAMS vs. Friskies Feline Digestion Question: Which of these two products has the highest rate of digestion in felines? Experiment: IAMS According to data collected, IAMS showed a digestion rate of 59.1% for both cats. This means that, on average, only 59.1% of the food was digested, and the rest was excreted as waste. Friskies Conclusion: According to the results of my experiments, my hypothesis that IAMS would prove to be the better cat food was proven correct. It showed a 6.5% higher rate of digestion, proving that it does have more nutrients and less extra waste. Hypothesis: IAMS, the more expensive brand, will have the higher rate of digestion. Each day for 3 days, both cats were given food from IAMS at 7 AM, and then for 3 days after that, they were given Friskies at 7 AM. They were monitored the rest of the day to track behavioral patterns. When the cats excreted their waste, it was weighed to see how much food was actually digested. Ally, F, 1 yo Aubie, M, 2 yo During the time the cats ate IAMS, they behaved as usual, playing and napping all day. They usually ate all of their food and passed their waste about twice a day. According to the data collected, about 52.6% of the Friskies was actually digested. The rest came out in the cats' feces. The cats' behavior during the time they were fed Friskies was significantly different; they were more resigned and seemed to be in some distress. They hardly ate their food and passed their waste a little more frequently. As soon as they were fed their regular diet of IAMS again, they were fine. Also, my cats seem to do better on IAMS than Friskies. They play more and nap less on IAMS and generally show that they feel better with that particular brand. Sarah Harris - 4th period
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