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Electronic Presentation

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Raechel Schroeder

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Electronic Presentation

Electronic Presentation
Election of 1860
Who: Citizens of the United States, and the runners which were Abraham Lincoln and John Breckenridge.
What: Abraham Lincoln was elected president.
Where:The United States.
When: November 1860.
Why:It was the tipping point of the civil war.
Bleeding Kansas
Who:The people of Kansas and Missouri.
What:Violent events involving people who supported and didn't support slavery.
Where:Kansas and Missouri
When:Between 1854 and 1856.
Why:Missouri wanted Kansas to support slavery because Kansas was a undecided state.
Abolitionist Movement
Who: Abolitionists
What:People who opposed slavery began a movement to stop it.
Where:Western Europe and the United States.
When:Late 1700's,especially during the American Revolution.
Why:People started to realize how horrible slavery was.

The abolitionist movement contributed to the covil war by rising tension between the north and south.
By:Raechel,Carter,Madison, Lexi, Sydney, and Josie
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