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2.04 What is Stock Anyway?

No description

Cecilia Souza

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of 2.04 What is Stock Anyway?

2.04 What is Stock Anyway?
Wells Fargo Bank
Company details:
Global Banking Services
many types of accounts and banking services
Diversity of products to consumers and small businesses
@2014 Fidelity Growth ---- url: http://quotes.morningstar.com/fund/f?t=FDGRX&region=usa&culture=en-US
@2014 Fidelity Growth--- Image url: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=FDGRX+Basic+Chart
2.04 What is Stock Anyway???

By: Cecilia Souza

Southcoast Financial Corporation
Company details:
A bank holding company
Commercial banking and deposit services
Business and personal checking accounts
Savings accounts
IRA account and many more different types of accounts
Aggressive Investment
Fidelity Growth Company
Contact Information: 800-343-3548
Contact Information:
530 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464-3083
Number: 1 8438840504

Investment type: Stocks
Risk level: High
Expected rate of return: Unknown
Minimum required investment: $7.15
Type of Investment: CD
Risk level: low (conservative investment)
Min required investment: $2,500
Expected rate of return: 0.05%
Contact Information:
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94104
phone: 1 8662493302
@2014 Wells Fargo---- url: http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/Stock/WFC/profile?CountryCode=US
I am interested in this investment because, CD investments are conservative investments. This investment makes me interested in it because it will earn more than a traditional savings and is a safe way to invest money. Also, CD investments from Wells Fargo are great because there are no monthly account service fees and money can be withdrawn without fees under certain circumstances. According to statistics from 2012, most investors earned back at least 0.05% or more. That is very appealing because I could earn back more than predicted and this is a safe investment all around.
Company details: The Fidelity Growth Company fund is a fund that operates within a difficult category (large-cap growth). The fund invests primarily in common stocks and it invests in companies in which the advisors believe to have above-average growth potential. The fund also invests in domestic and foreign issuers.
Type of Investment: Mutual Fund
Risk level: moderate
Minimum required investment: $2,500
Expected rate of return: varies/unknown
@2014 Southcoast Financial----Image url: http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/Stock/SOCB/charts?chartType=interactive&countryCode=US
I am interested in the investment of stocks in the Southcoast Financial Corporation because, stocks are the investments that make the most amount of money overtime. Although the exact rate of return is unknown for the minimum required investment of $7.15, I am still interested in this investment due to the potential amount of money I could make overtime. Stocks are an aggressive investment because if the company fails, all money is lost, but I am will to take that risk with this investment. Southcoast Financial Corporation is a loyal and good company to invest stocks in. The good reviews and credibility make the investment seem like a good choice.
I am interested in this investment because, I am interested in the share of ownership in multiple companies. This investment is a moderate one. I am interested in this type of investment because I like to take risks and this investment has the potential to earn more money or lose more money. This investment could either end positively or negatively. According to a 2013 statistic, most investors have earned at least 4.28% more money. This statistic makes the investment seem positive.
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