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Mechanical Engineer

No description

Connor Sutton

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

What is the salary of a Mechanical Engineer?
The average salary worldwide for a mechanical engineer is $82,100.
But in the Erie area the average is $100,000.
What is the job like as a mechancal engineer?
Mechanical engineers have an average stress level for anyone who works a job. They also have a lot of flexability in when to do their job. A great benefit they have is being able to "climb the corporate ladder" very easily.
What do mechanical engineers do?
Mechanal engineering is a big feild to play on. For example you could be fixing computers or making them. More than 50% of mechanical engineers are into manufacturing.
How much training do
you need for this job?
Most mechanical engineering jobs require a bachelor's degree for the occupation. Rarely people are able to get a job with only an associate's degree. Some standards require a master's degree. You also must pass state specific exam to get a license to do this work.
Job rates.
According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the employment rate of mechanical engineers should go up by 4.5% between 2012 and 2022. This means that there should be 11,600 more open jobs between those years.
The unemployment rate is only at 2.7%

Ranking for the job of mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering is:
#5 in best technology jobs
#7 in best STEM jobs

#16 in best paying jobs
#18 in the best 100 jobs
Reveiws and advice for this job
Sims writes "Although good technical skills are important, it is also necessary to demonstrate the organizational and management skills that are essential for the successful completion of a project."

To do this he reommends taking advantage of project related classe in college. he also recommends getting practical expirience in summer internships.
Mechanical engineering overall
Imporant facts about mecanical engineers
Mechanical engineers are easily able to make their way to the top of the ladder. They make good money around 100,000 and with high flexibility and an average amount of stress. A mechanical engineer is just a great job overall.
Mechanical engineers make around 100k (median) a year.

They are flexible jobs.

They have an average stress level.

You need a minimum of an associate's degree, but rarely does that happen. Usually you need a
bachelor's degree.
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