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All About Digital Cameras 3

Manual Camera Settings

K Soliman

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of All About Digital Cameras 3

NHS Digital 1
All About
Cameras 3



What is it?
The amount of your shot that will be in FOCUS
Large DOF – means most of your image will be in focus (background and foreground
Small DOF– means only part of your image will be in focus and the rest will be fuzzy
Depth of Field
How to control it…
Subject placing – closer to your main subject and further from its background
Use this if you want your portrait to stand out against the background
Zoom all the way in
APERTURE: use a small F-stop
Think of people in a line
Depth of Field
When would you want shallow DOF?

When would you want a large DOF?
Shallow Depth of Field = F stops of smaller numbers
Large Depth of Field = F stops of larger numbers
Ensures that the colors seen by a photographer, are reproduced in the photo.
Meaning WHITE is WHITE
Not blueish, greenish, or yellowish
Why does this happen?
White Balance
How fast the opening of your camera works
How LONG or SHORT the shutter stays open
Measured in fractions of a second
½, ¼, 1/8, 1/25, 1/250/ ….. 1/8000
MANUAL settings:
Shutter Speed
Fast Shutter Speed- Stops Movement
SLOW Shutter Speed- Captures Movement
Cool Effects
Try These Settings... and Compare
Set your APERTURE to F3.5 and take a photograph
Set your APERTURE to F8.0 and take the SAME photograph
Set your APERTURE to F22 and take the photograph AGAIN
What changed???
Set your camera on the book/s provided
Set your camera dial to Av
Zoom about halfway to
your subject
The size of the opening in the lens when a photo is taken
When you hit the shutter release button of your camera, a hole opens up allowing your cameras sensor to catch a glimpse of the scene you’re wanting to capture
The larger the opening the more light gets in
The smaller the opening the less light gets in
Measured in F-stops
SEMI-automatic modes
Exposure = how light or dark an image is
*how much light is recorded by your camera sensor
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