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Lecture 8

No description

Stephanie Hansard

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Lecture 8

Sociology 1101
Stephanie Hansard
Social Stratification and Global Inequality
Class System in America
Classes are permeable
Class statuses may be unclear
Classes are categories, not groups
Socioeconomic Status
SES (f) (Income) (Education) (Occupational Prestige)
Upper Class
Upper Middle Class
Lower Middle Class
Lower Class
Class Structure
Theories of Class Inequality
Class stratification is necessary
Some poverty is good
Conflict Theory
The elite control the means of production
Capital is the result of surplus labor
Class behaviors are passed from parents to children
Social divisions create a "culture of poverty"
Gender inequality in opportunity
"Feminization of poverty"
Obstacles to Class Mobility
Income vs. Wealth
buys opportunities
buys goods
"Shaq is rich. The white man that signs his checks is wealthy." -Chris Rock
Obstacles to Class Mobility
Social and Cultural Capital
Educational opportunities
access to better schools
access to "enrichment"
Social networks
Taste and manners
The High Cost of Poverty
Lack of access to financial institutions
The costs of working
Inadequacies of the minimum wage
Global Inequalities
Global Theories
Poor Outlying Area
Rich City
(Former) Colony
Dependency Theories
World Systems Theory
Limits to Economic Mobility?
Control of Markets
Internal Conflict
What is Stratification?
Strata (sing. stratum) = layers
Social Stratification refers to the way in which resources are distributed unequally in a society.
Stratification is gradual, with differences between each group and the groups next to it.
Quintiles are a common way of understanding stratification.
Life Chances
How likely you are to acquire resources and opportunities.
Predictors of success
Parents SES
Educational attainment
Social Networks
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