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Later Life & Death of William Shakespeare

No description

Willem Oates

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Later Life & Death of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare
Retiring fully was rare in those days
Family in Later Life
Shakespeare remained married to Anne Hathaway until his death and was survived by his two daughters.
On 25th March 1616, just a month before his death on 25th April 1616, Shakespeare
made his last Will.There is no evidence to explain the cause of his death.
William died on the 23rd of April 1616 of Unknown Causes. He was aged 51
Later Life and Death
By Willem Oates and Joel Blashki
There are no direct descendants of William Shakespeare alive today.
His two daughters did have children but their children did not.
Many people still believe that un-published works by Shakespeare are hidden inside his
Shakespeare buried on April 25 in the Holy Trinity Church graveyard in Stratford-upon-Avon
Shakespeare retired in 1611 because the theaters were being closed due to the outbreak of the plague.
An epitaph was engraved on his grave, it read:
Good friend, for Jesus' sake forbear, To dig the dust enclosed here.Blest be the man that spares these stones,
But cursed be he that moves my bones.
During this period, Shakespeare performed only few plays and wrote rarely.
Shakespeare's full will: http://www.william-shakespeare.info/william-shakespeare-the-will.htm
Shakespeare gave one third of his estate to his wife Anne.
Shakespeare also gave 10 pounds to the poor
Translation to Old English
William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway
Replica of the original Will
Thanks For Watching
The church with Shakespeare's Chancel.
Shakespeare's Monument in the Holy Trinity Church of Strathford-Upon-Avon
His last played were written in collaboration with a young playwright named John Fletcher
The last plays that shakespeare wrote were:
- A history of recent time in England
- A Romance of Chivalry
-Cardenio (Which now has been lost)
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