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Chapter four

No description

Merlijn de Schrijver

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Chapter four

Order in a meeting 2
- Ruling someone out
- Motion of order
- Degree of formality
- Project groups
Brainstorming and committees
- Brainstorming meeting
- Criteria
- Committees
- Ad-hoc committee
- Permanent committee
Decision-making process
There are four steps:
1. The problem, objective and time frame for making the decision.
2. Solutions are proposed and criteria by which to judge them are formulated.
3. The meeting goes through the discussion.
4. Reaching a decision.
Decision-making procedures
- Decisions by consensus.
- Casting vote.
- Decisions by authority

Voting & Presentations at meetings.
- Voting.
- Quorum.
- Voting order for motions.
- Seconded motions.
- Amendments.
- Methods of voting.

- Presentations.
Chapter four
Ilse van de Sande
Brent van Spreuwel
Merlijn de Schrijver

Order in a meeting
1. determined by agenda
and chair.
2. behaviour of all the
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