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No description

McKenzie Lazar

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Tangled

A Hero's Journey:
Stage 4:
Meeting the
Pascal her pet chameleon , is her mentor, he accompanies her throughout her journey with Flynn to see the "Floating Lights".
Stage 8:
Flynn escapes the guards, with the help of the vikings from the Snuggly Duckling, then goes to Rapunzel's tower. When he arrives he finds her chained up by Gothel. When he is about to release her he is stabbed by Gothel, and is dying. When Gothel tries to leave, Rapunzel fights, because she loves him, and only with go with her willingly if she allows her to heal him. After Gothel allows her to do this, Flynn suddenly cuts her hair releasing its power, and revealing Gothel's true age intern killing her.
Stage 10:
Road Back
The road back would be when Flynn is dying and he needs help, but she doesn't know what to do. So this is the final test, because she has to pass this to have happiness and joy in her life, once again.
Stage 2:
The Call to Adventure
This stage happens when Flynn Rider enters her tower, running from the guards. He has the royal tiara. She takes him as prisoner after she hits him with a frying pan. She hid the tiara in the tower somewhere, and he won't get it back until he takes her to see the "floating lights". They eventually agree on this. She also is growing curious of the outside world, as she gets older.
Stage 1:
the Ordinary
When Rapunzel was at the castle, she was kidnapped by Mother Gothel. Rapunzel was kidnapped for her powers that gave Mother Gothel forever youth, because Rapunzel's mother used the flowers powers to heal herself during her pregnancy. Then, Mother Gothel locked Rapunzel up in a tower to keep her for herself and to keep her forever young and youthful.
Stage 3:
Refusal of
the Call
Stage 9:
The Reward
The reward is herself, where she could have gone into the wood and lived her life out there with Flynn. She went back and claimed her throne as princess. She has to help Flynn first, though.
Stage 5:
Crossing the
This stage occurs when they meet the vikings in The Snuggly Duckling. At first they seem mean and threatening, then they talk to Rapunzel and like her. They are also the Threshold Guardians, but they are good for them not bad or holding them back in any way.
Stage 6:
Tests, Allies,
and Enemies
Stage 11:
The resurrection is when Flynn states that he loves her, and then dies. She realizes that their is no cure without her hair and begins to cry, and her tears fall onto his wound. The tears heal him and he is brought back to life.
Stage 12:
Return with
the Elixir
The Elixir is when she is reunited with her real parents. The family is finally reunited once again, later her and Flynn get engages and eventually married. That is when they live Happily Ever After.
By: McKenzie Lazar
She doesn't want to leave her tower, because she doesn't want to leave her "mother" (Gothel). She is also scared of the outside world.
Her enemies are The royal guards who chase them in pursuit of the stolen
tiara, another is Gothel to capture and bring back Rapunzel for her forever youth, and The Stabbington Brother who were partners with Flynn to steal the tiara, but now resent him, because he didn't give them the cut of what they stole from the kingdom.
Her allies were Maximus, the Head Royal
Horse and Eugene, her tour guide, soon
to be boyfriend or husband.
Stage 7:
Innermost Cave
When Flynn's boat reaches shore
he is greeted by many guards, who flood his boat, and he is arrested, immediately. As all this is happening Rapunzel is suffering from whatever her "mother's" (Gothel) punishment for running away is. At this moment Rapunzel finally realizes that Gothel kidnapped her and that she is the lost princess.
The Hunter Archetype:
The Hunter is the Palace Guards,
because they are chasing them the whole time they are going to the Kingdom to see the lights.
The Companion Archetype:
The companion archetype is Pascal, her chameleon, because he goes with her on her journey.
The Villain Archetype:
The Villain in this story is Mother Gothel, because she kidnaps Rapunzel when she is a child from the king and queen, and on top of that she keeps her hostage for 18 years.
The Hero Archetype:
Rapunzel is the hero of this story, because she is the one who wants to go on the adventure and she does.
Another companion is Flynn Rider,
because he is the guide to her when
she is going on her journey.
The Last Companion is Maximus the
Royal Horse, he is chasing them at first,
but then he decides to become friends
and accompanies them on their journey.
Another Hunter is the Stabbington
Brother, because they hunt down
Rapunzel and Flynn for Mother Gothel.
Also they want Flynn to get their share
of what they stole from the kingdom.
The Last Hunter is Mother Gothel,
because she wants Rapunzel back
in her tower, so she doesn't find out
about being the lost princess, and
she is really the evil one.
Flynn Rider is also the hero, because
he saves her at the end and learns to
lover her throughout the course of the
The Friendly Beast Archetype:
Pascal, her chameleon, who helps her throughout her quest and gives her advice on things like to trust Flynn Rider or not.
Maximus, the Royal Horse, who first
is on a mission to stop them, so Flynn
may be captured. Then, he goes oh their
side and he accompanies them on their
Universal Theme of Tangled:
The Universal Theme of the story is to never give up on your dreams, her first dream was to go and see the "floating lights", and she does. She also never gave up on her dream of getting away when Gothel caught her, she does this by killing her and then leaving. When she has the dream of getting back to her parents, even thought she really doesn't know them that well, she goes back, because she knows she has too, at least for the people of the kingdom. Lastly, she never gave up on her dream to be with Flynn, she proves this when they get married.
Never Give up on Your Dreams!
The Death and Rebirth Archetype:
The Death and Rebirth archetype is
seen in the movie tangled. When Flynn dies when Gothel stabs him. When Rapunzel begins to cry the tear drops fall on the wound and he is brought back to life, or reborn.
Universal Theme:
The Guide Archetype:
The guide in this story is Flynn Rider, when he enters Rapunzel's tower, with the stolen tiara. Rapunzel hides it, and will not give it back until he takes her to see the light. This is how he gets blackmailed into taking her to see the "floating lights".
And They Lived Happily Ever After
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