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Barangay Planning and Budgeting

No description

Alona Raymundo

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Barangay Planning and Budgeting

Malinis at Tapat na Pamamahala, sa Barangay ang Simula Barangay Planning and Budgeting Objectives: > Introduce the new budget forms;
> Present the 2011 LGPMS results and municipal government thrusts;
> Refocus the Barangay Programs, Projects & Activities and anchor them to National and Local Government thrust; and
> Incorporate the Barangay Annual Investment Plan (BAIP) & Annual Procurement Plan in Barangay Annual Budget; FLow of Discussion I. Presentation of Pateros 2011 LGPMS result
II. Mas na Mas Administration Agenda
III. Review of Planning Process
IV. Annual Investment Programming
V. Review of Budget Process
VI. Annual Procurement Plan
VI. New Budget Forms
VII. Workshop New Barangay Budget Forms
> BBP Form No. 1 - Certified Statement of Income (CSI)

> BBP Form No. 2 - Actual Income & Expenditure for Past Year

>BBP Form No. 3- Actual Income & Expenditure for Current Year

> BBP Form No. 4 - Income & Expenditures Estimates for Budget Year Mandatory Obligations (Budgetary Limitations): > 55% Total Income (next preceding fiscal year) > 2% RPT (next preceding fiscal year) Barangay Budget Preparation (BBP) Forms Barangay Budget Authorization Form (BBA) Form >BBA Form No. 1 - Appropriation Bill -Personal Services >10% General Fund of Budget Year -SK Fund > 20% IRA -Development Project > 5% GF of budget year -Calamity Fund > 5% GF of budget year -GAD Programs -Discretionary Purposes Mandatory Obligations (Budgetary Limitations): > 1% IRA -BCPC Fund (JJWA) > 1%GF of budget year -Elderly&Disabled God Bless You !! End of Presentation :)
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