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The Six Rights Of A Muslim On Each Other

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Adibah Zamir

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of The Six Rights Of A Muslim On Each Other

What Is A Right?
A right is something that is due to you from other people,and due to other people from you. In Arabic, the word for "right" is Haqq.
The Six Rights

1. Greet them with "Assalamu Alaykum.'-
Every muslim you see deserves a greeting.When you meet a muslim or pass by him or her,you should say "Assalamu Alaykum."

Today's Objective
To know the six rights of a muslim on each other.
4.Give a muslim proper advice-
We all need help from others,especially in difficult times. Sometimes the help we need is not money,food or medical treatment but it might be a solution to a problem.

5.Visit the sick-
Prophet (S.A.W) encouraged muslims to visit people who are sick.

6.Attend Funerals.-
Every human being will die one day.
when this happens,muslims must prepare his funeral and bury him with respect.

Watch a Video!

Group 1- Will make a poster about the
6 rights of muslims.

Group 2-Will have a roleplay on
"Making du'aa when someone sneezes"

Group 3-Will illustrate
"visiting the sick"

Group 4.Will illustrate


and "attending funerals."

The Six Rights Of A Muslim On Each Other

2. Accept Invitations-
When you are invited to the house of a muslim,you should respond or visit for the sake of Allah.

3.Make du'aa for those who sneeze.-
When a muslim sneezes,he or she should say
"Al- Hamdulillah." Then you should say

To know and understand six right of muslim on each other.
Starter Activity
Q1. A new boy just joined the school.What will you

Q2.Hey I have a Eid party this evening at my house.
What will you say?

Q3.A girl beside you sneezed,she said Al hamdulillah.How will you reply?

Q4.A new child can't understand a hard question.
what will you do?

Q5.Your grandma is sick.what will you do?

Q6.Your grandpa died.What will you

group 5-will illustrate "Du'aa
for those who sneeze" and giving proper advice".

group 6-Roleplay on
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