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Tasbiha Fatima

on 25 October 2012

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Steal Selena's
Style VERSACE SUNGLASSES AE JEGGINGS UGG AUSTRALIAN BOOTS Hi!!! as most of you know my name is Tasbiha and today i am going to talk about how Selena Gomez dresses up and what I found at Vaughan Mills that was Cheaper! So lets begin!... My item: Feather Printed Cami Selena's item: American Eagle Jeggings Selena's item: Shredded Square Scarf Selena's item: Versace Sunglasses
Price: $295.00 Selena's item: Australian UGG Boots Introduction Dream Catcher Tank Top Price:$12.90 Selena's item: Dream Catcher Tank
Top Price:$26.00 Store: Garage! ORDERING ITEMS FROM LEAST
TO GREATEST... SELENA GOMEZ'S ITEMS: Cord Button Down Shirt in Fatigue Selena's item: Cord Button Down Shirt
in Fatigue Price: $98.00 My item: Light Gray Denim
Shirt Price: $39.90 Price: $49.95 My item: Black Jeggings Price: $18.00 Store: Garage Store: Siblings SHREDDED SQUARE SCARF Price:$29.99 My item: Black Scarf Price: $12.00 My item: Women's Solaris Rhinestone Sheild Sunglasses Price: $9.99 Store: Payless Shoes Source Store: Blue Notes Price: $300.00 My item: Australian UGGS Price: $250.00 Store: Ugg Australia Exact same boots! but CHEAPER! Plum Nail Polish Selena's item: OPI Pretty in Plum Nail Polish Price: $7.99 My item:Claires Cosmetics Nail Polish Price: $5.75 Store:Claires! OPI Pretty in Plum Nail Polish- $7.99
Dream Catcher Tank Top-$26.00
Shredded Square Scarf-$29.99
AE Jeggings- $49.95
Cord Button Down in Fatigue-$98.00
Versace Sunglasses- $295.00
UGG Australia Boots-$300.00 MY ITEMS: OPI Pretty in Plum Nail Polish-$5.75
Women Solaris Rhinestone Shield-$9.99
Black scarf $12.00
Feather Printed Cami-$12.90
Black Jeggings-$18.00
Light Gray Denim Shirt-$39.90
UGG Australian Boots-$250.00 JUSTIFYING WHY MY DESIGN IS BETTER MONEY SPENT: $806.93 MONEY SPENT: $348.54 Expanded Form- $80000+600+90+3

Word From- eight hundred- six, ninety-three
cents Standard form- $806.93 Expanded Form- $30000+4000+800+50+4 Word Form- three hundred-forty-eight, fifty four Standard Form-$348.54 I SAVED $458.39 I think My Design Is better because my items are similar to what Selena Gomez was wearing but way cheaper and if you like Selena Gomez so much and you want to dress up just like her then you can buy almost the same things she wearing for a cheaper price! Why even bother to buy an outfit for $806.93 when you can buy it for $348.54?! I think my design is better because i saved $458.39 and it makes more sense to buy my outfit! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Selena Gomez- 8 0 6 . 9 3 ME- 3 5 4 4 8 Money Saved- 4 5 8 3 9
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