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The Flipping Tools

No description

Brandie Cain-Heard

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of The Flipping Tools

The Flipping Tools
Not the typical classroom!
What is a Flipped Classroom?
What else to do if they didn’t watch the video:
Read a text book
If you have a small set of ipods, ipads, laptops, they can watch it right then and there, and stay after to get help during their independent practice. You can also utilize the library if the librarian is ok with you sending a few students to watch the videos and then sending them back to class.
Iphone/ipad app (educreations, showme)
Before and after school to watch lesson (go to red group in class)
Give them more lead time (not just one night)
Their own device - BYOD smart phone
Group with “I don’t get it” kids to reteach lesson - they will hopefully end up moving themselves out of the category when they realize that the other kids are able to work together on the problem and then the group becomes solely those kids that just do not understand and who need teacher’s guidance.
If they didn't watch the video:
Edmodo Action Research Cohort
Brandie Cain-Heard
Christy Fennewald

video = under 10 minutes
short assessment
we suggest WSQ
groups + practice
Guided Worksheet
or "notes"
There was nothing practical that anyone could do about this broken "learning" model until recently. But we can now deliver on-demand content to any student for nearly zero incremental cost. The video content can be paused and repeated as needed. Students can focus on exactly what they need to know. They don’t have to be embarrassed to fill in remedial gaps.

- Sal Khan, the founder of online learning resource, the Khan Academy
Creating / Implementation Tools for iPad
Explain Everything
Creating / Implementation Tools PC/MAC
jing: free download and links to screencast.com for free storage.
SmartNotebook: Recorder
It doesn't have to be tech heavy
What to record
Web-based whiteboard (awwapp.com)
Google Docs (presentation)
PowerPoint (can also be uploaded to Explain Everything
Keynote (Mac only)
Creating / Implementation Tools for Droid
Screencast for Android (free test version or $2.99)
Skitch for Android
Content Resources
Why re-invent the wheel (or the content)?
Periodic Table of Videos
TedEd pairs extraordinary educators with talented animators to create exceptional educational videos.
"Flip this Video" button allows you to turn a video into a CUSTOMIZED lesson that can be assigned to students or shared more widely. You can add context, questions and follow-up suggestions.
Khan Academy
A huge collection of instructional videos
Practice for some math skills (immediate feedback) - remember your "classwork" today.
More Content Resources
ShowMe (from app or pc)
Educreations (from app or pc)
YouTube (search "flipped + course")
iTunes U
Unleash the full potential of iPad in the classroom. (It's a free iPad app!)
Create your own courses and share in a powerful way. Students have access to all course materials.
Students get a rich, immersive learning experience.
Students can view all the assignments for your course in a list and check off each task as it's completed.
When a student takes notes while watching a video, iTunes U remembers the location of the note.
iTunes U puts all the notes together in one place, whether the notes are about a book, video, or lecture.
iTunes U (continued)
More Content Resources
Find anything interesting or worth sharing?
Please share:

(Options for HOUSING content next!)
Options for Housing Content
Put your own videos on YouTube
Use another YouTube Video
Use TedEd Video
Have STUDENTS create content!
Open to all !
Up to 5G "free"
share link
Learning Management System
House all course content
Create Self-Grading MC Quizzes
free for 2G
share link, site, or embed
(or tweet)
Google Drive
Screencasting tools
Upload videos
Best Practices
Lesson should be lecture or content based.
This is not an every day occurrence
Have an end game
Kids can create content, too! (Free Apps)
Culminating Activity
Plan a lecture-based lesson that you could flip
Plan out the 5-10 Steps you want to show/explain (don't script, just the main points that should be covered).
todaysmeet.com/eduflipping: share the lesson title that you are planning, which tool you are excited to try, and your twitter handle
Our Favorite Flipping Websites
Who to Follow on Twitter
After all...
The applications will record ANYTHING on your screen!
What is Screencasting?
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