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Neil Armstrong

No description

USA39 Killfoil

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Neil Armstrong

This is Neil Armstrongs foot print A Gient Leap for Man Kind The Moon You may see the moon at night, but you have not seen the moon from the angle of Neil Armstrong. Neil Armestrong if you don't know was the frist man to step on the moon. It took him about 8 days to get to the moon. He had used a spacecraft called Apollo11. Timeline Aughst 5 1930- Neil Armstrong was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio
1955- Neil Armstrong Joined NASA
1962- Decides to be an astronaut
July 20 1969- Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon
1970- Earns his master's degree in aeronautical
1971- Resigns from NASA
1984- Appointed to the NCOS (National Commission On Space)
1996- Continues to serve boards of various corporations Neil Armstrong saw many things on th moon. There were craters, rocks , and sand. On th moon there is little gravity, so when Neil stepped on the moon he left a foot print. That foot print is still there to this day. The Consequences Equipment Heavy space suit
What did Neil Armstrong saw on the moon? The Dangers Loss cabin pressure
Land near some big rocks
Shutle stuck on th moon
Getting left behind on the moon
Run out of gas
Getstuck in an asteroid field
stuck on the moon picture of the Apollo 11 Resources Neil Armstrong The First Man to the Moon By: Barbara Kramer
Neil Armstrong By: Shannon Zemlicka
http://news.bbc.co.vik/2/hi/science/nature/810559.stm Neil Armstrong
By Kelly The Moon Neil Armstrong Apollo 11 badge Thank You!
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