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Amazing maize

No description

Maddie Kilmartin

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Amazing maize

How Corn is brought Into Cosmetics
First the corn is harvested
Then they put the kernels into silo to bring there moisture down to 14%
They pump warm air to condition the corn
Then they are taken to the screening to swift chucks of cob and broken kernels
Next it is taken to the gravity room where a series of fans and vibration to make the kernels float and whatever ones are to heavy are sifted out
Now they go through one more screening for any defected kernels.
Then they sample a few in a 450 degrees pot.
Now it is packaged and sent off to the shelves.
Maddie Kilmartin Gugliemelli
Friday, February 17, 2017
Victoria White
High fructose Corn syrup
First the corn is harvested.
Then it is taken to a wet mill where the kernels are taken off the cob.
Then the corn will be crushed and sent through screens to filter the rest of the kernel from the starch.
Now natural enzymes are adding to the liquid and starch which separates the glucose from the fructose resulting in a liquid that is 42% fructose and 58% glucose.
Then it passes through activated carbon and is filtered
Then this creates hfcs55
- When the corn arrives at the processing plant processors inspect it
- Then they husk it, separate the kernels from the cobs and wash them.
- Processors may store the kernels and clean them again.
- The kernels are the seeds of the corn plant.
- They’re made up of the hull, the germ and the endosperm.
- The hull is the outer part.
- The germ contains the oil often refined into corn oil or used in livestock feed.
- The endosperm contains protein and starch to provide energy for the seed to germinate.
- Cornstarch manufacturers wash the resulting pure starch then dry it.
- The drying process generally involves removing moisture in a peeler - centrifuge followed by flash drying, which quickly removes all the moisture.
- A peeler centrifuge uses centrifugal force, rotating filtration baskets to force out liquid.
- Machines grind the dry starch into a super-fine powder or to the preferred specifications of the buyer. In some cases, cornstarch is modified at this point, depending on its end use.
- For food use, manufacturer's package cornstarch in packaging that helps protect it from moisture.

Amazing Maize

the process can go on if depending on what your using the hfcs for but this process is just for basic hfcs. The numbers after hfcs (hfcs55, hfcs90) determines the amount of frutose glucose and maltose
The corn is first harvested.
Then the corn is taken to the dry mill.
The corn is striped and husked.
Next the kernels go to the ethanol plant where the baking process starts.
They are now grounded and then goes into the baking systems.
Liquids and enzymes are added to make a slushy texture.
Its now heated/warmed but not to hot.
Enzymes help breakdown the corn into its components and starts converting it into sugar.
Yeast is now added for the fermentation.
Now the fermented mix is converted into ethanol and shipped off.
Did you know that
the ethanol saves the rest of the kernel to sell for feed?
- They use corn to make make-up thicker.

- They use the corn to make your mascara, hair products and even lip gloss thicker.

- Most of the products they use cornstarch in and some just use powdered corn.

- To get matte lipstick or even a highlighter or shade of eyeshadow they will mix it with corn to make the lipstick more dull and thicker and they use the corn in eyeshadow and highlighter to hold it together.

- Not all lipsticks and eyeshadow's are made are made this way but most are.
Corn cosmetics

High or Low Demand?
Popcorn has a very high demand because it is used as a healthy snack and is frequently bought at theaters as a treat during the show, but there are some problems there are only 6 types of corn that is grown for popping there can easy be a shortage is crops get destroyed. There is also another danger of shortening, popcorn goes through an extensive amount of screening and sifting this could cause a shortage because it the whole batch is some how effective its not like you can just use another type of corn.

There is also a high demand for cosmetics. Makeup has become a very important thing to a huge percentage of the population. Some even spend thousands of dollars a year on just how they look. This could be drastically affected through, because of the always changing trends, but theses trends are very unpredictable.New trends literally happen over night.
6 types of Corn
-Dent Corn is used for feeding livestock.
-Zea Mays and Flint Corn is used for making popcorn.
- Sweet Corn is used for typical canned corn.
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