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No description

Naoki Funada

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Cafe

Ideal Cafe
Organizational Structure
Motivation &
Employee relationship
- Employees are maintained at high quality
- Trained to use the “Latte Method”
- Employees are more emotional when
customers make orders
- Alderfer’s ERG theory: existence,
relatedness and growth needs

- Existence: higher hour salary, free home beans, health insurance plan, future saving plan for retirement

- Relatedness: connection with co-worker
Partner Connection Program

-Growth needs: professional training and
education, reward for the best
performance employees,
Bean Stock option
- Largest coffee shop company

- 20366 stores in 61 countries

- High quality of coffee

- A great meeting place

- In the list of “100 best
companies to work for”
- Every employee is a “partner” to Starbucks

- Managers work with front-line staff

- low power distance

- Employee is subjected to assign tasks according to their own will

- Well respected: can participate in the
process of policies determination
and revison
- well-known Canadian national fast casual restaurant

- Overtook McDonald’s as Canada’s largest food service operator

- “Always Fresh”
- Leadership Style


Democratic Leaders
Employee Benefits & Motivation
* Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
- Compensation
- Workplace
- Recognition
- Promotion
- Gender (WFF)
- Generational (eLearning Module)
- Cultural (Aboriginal)
Why work at Tim Hortons
Rita Bella, Assistant Manager Amherst, NY

Tim Hortons is a great place to work because of the friendly environment. Everyone helps everyone, which makes everything run smoother. The owners are wonderful too because they take the time to get to know each team member. It's a fun, friendly environment to work in.
Lisa Shann, General ManagerBurton, MI

It has been exciting to be involved with a franchise organization that has had such a positive impact on their employees, as well as their community.  Personally, they have provided me with a challenging business opportunity and the training and development to succeed.
- Canada’s largest Canadian-based
specialty coffee retailer

- More than 360 cafes in Canada

- Over the past 35 years, Second cup
has been expanding tremendously
- The coffee growing environment is treated with the utmost respect and dignity
- safe and healthy work environment
- compensated in a fair and equitable manner
- Foster Parents Plan
- Warm home-feel atmosphere, as well as
provide the best customer service
Social responsibilities & Customer trust
Competitive advantage
& High quality beans
- Competition with Starbucks
- Opened 360 stores domestically and over 20 stores internationally
- all the beans are hand-picked
- This process ensure that only the ripest cherries are selected
_ Employee discount on foods and drink

- Extensive online and in-café training

- Employees are opened to know more customers

-Comfortable working atmosphere
Thank You!!
Group 4

Company culture
- vertical marketing system
- Franchising
- Each store has some individual feature to blend into the area
- Employees and manager staff can perform comfortably
- “unique Canadian-based coffee shop”
Mission: “not just sell coffee, but an experience”

Goal: Establish intimate relationships
encourage customers to change their coffee shop options
Organizational goal
& Mission
No hierarchy system  people work together

- Not only customizable coffee, but
also friendly and comfortable
meeting experience
Organizational design,
structure & culture
- No power distance

- Feedback is crucial

- Employees are encouraged to express
their opinions
Management Styles
- Switching roles to learn and
improve skills

- More responsibilities more important

- Flexible working hour to maintain
work life balanced
Job scope
* Comprehensive feedback system
- Semi-annual feedback meeting,
peer evaluation
- Top management and
secret customer visits
- Training program
Exclusive incentive program
Promotion job satisfaction
Evaluation &
Reward System
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