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Happy Birthday Sona

No description

Gaurav Khanna

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Happy Birthday Sona

YOURS It's true YOU &
U Totally CALL
ME Thank you BE
TRUE IN LOVE CRAZILY I AM DEEPLY There is something I want to tell you ... CALL
ME :* Garry
Three Garry
Two CHILLI POTATO Happy Birthday My Princess The answer is..............( hold your breath >~< ) MY BEST FRIEND This is me!! It has been our third year in MCU, and for me I think the biggest collection here is knowing you and being your friend! It may sounds nothing, but it's what I feel in these three year. See how happy she is Before I met you, I seldom trust people, and I believe there is no friendship such thing ,but only benefit. It was you, make me believe there do have friendship in this word. This is proved OMG!! He is soooo handsome >///< This is almost the end of this prezi, I do hope you enjoy it and like it. As you can see, there are so many things I want to tell you. And many "thank you"want to say. To have you two as friend is my greatest gift. I sincerely thank your parents, cause them~~ i met you, know you and be friend with you. I have to say I really like you two (only a little bit love). I wish you~~today and many days coming in the future, you can be happy, healthy and confidence. Last I want to say............ Happy Birthday my dear Hi Sona! I am CUPID and I make people fall in love!
But since the day I saw you, I was so worried, that I might lose my job! The Most Beautiful Girl in the Universe!!! OMG! The most beautiful Fairies in my heavens would envy you. You are the most Beautiful Girl in this Universe! =)
How would I find your man on earth? :-(
And hence one day, God had to come up with this... The Most Beautiful Girl's Man!!! SONA SONA'S GARRY You Both are like, MADE FOR EACH OTHER!!!
Perfect Couple!
Lets begin with your Love story... with my love arrow... ...and let Garry take over from here... Love at first sight Hi Sona! This is one of our favourite's na! Its our first together indeed. You look so Serene, so so pretty.
You Came to drop me for my first official trip... I love you for that Baby... You are my God's Gift! Literally!!! You are my World Garry's SONA My Heart goes like this, when I see you... ...Especially in Blue!!! We sat at the Chocolate Room, in Saket and I just could not take my eyes off you. No doubt, this one has stayed on my Phone's screen for the longest...
You look like my Princess ! Garry, Am I Pretty? Sona, you are sooo pretty!! :* Hi Sona Ji!
I am Puggy, I have brought Garry's Heart for you! You Love Hi Sona Ji!
I am Garry's Heart.
And I beat just because of you.You know why? ...because my heart is YOU! There is little I can say about this picture. It leaves me speechless every time I look at it. It seems just so perfect.
My life would have been incomplete without this moment baby. You complete me Sona... The long walks with you here were never enough to say goodbye happily. But when we did, I used to keep turning back to look at you untill you disappear from under the dim street lights in the park.
Your innocent face looked so pretty. It made me forget about the hour of the night I'll reach home, the day's tiredness vanished in a moment looking at you. And I would wish the night would never end and the streets get longer with every step taken with you...

You make my life beautiful... I love you Sona... Our Long Walks,
Endless talks... Garry's SONA! Our Flowery Moments... All Say... In these Past 9 months, we've been to so many places together. This city will be special to me just because of only this reason. I cherish every single moment spent with you, all of these are very precious to me... Your favourite place to have Bharwa Mushroom
And my favourite to keep looking at you while you eat... Mottu, aaa karo... Our First Month Anniversary, and our first bunch of Roses. It was almost 11:30 when I got this made and took an auto to your flat to drop them at the stairs and ran back to catch the last metro... And you still do that... And I love you more!!! Mottu, Remember these?
You gave me a beautiful surprise outside my office...
I love you soooo much for that... Our Whatsapp Flowers... Our Surprise Flower... I know you don't like this place so much, but do you remember... ... you got a small Surprise here, before you left for your Convo... And Ma-Pa sent this for you... You Packed food for me the first time, we had it here. How much I love you for that!!! And it was here for the first time, I realized that departing from you for even a while can be so painful... Saket... The Escalator!!!
(XOXO) Baby, this day had a beautiful beginning... the most beautiful any day could ever have ! Mottu, remember you wore Formals for the first time in office here?
We had lotsa fun, we fought, had golgappas, I teased you, you kissed me, yes, you did.
You clicked me a DP.
We walked and talked a lot.
You complain you look fat here. But.... ...I just love your face here . Sona beta khana bna lia? Hanji Ma, boht tasty bna hai "Khanna"... The Railway Station The
Mall Garry! Just be quite.
And smile India Honey Chilli Potato Domino's Bangla Sahib We have fought a lot here, but jo bhi ho... he made awesome HCP.
Even if I found HCP like these in Bangalore... How will I share it with you? I'll Miss you Sona... Love you Sona You
Awesome! These things on you, turn me Super-ON Look Off On Haye Ni...Maar Suteya tere akkh de ishare ne !!! ...Actually, Sona I guess I never got a chance to tell you how much I like your eyes.... In fact I am totally crazy about them.... Will you be my Princess forever? Sarojni Gate Hard Rock CAFE Oh! My! Greek
Godess! We three are going to have so much fun together always! Sona! No Shopping ab! Chala- Chala k kya halat bna di meri... Garry! Be quite and sit straight! She loves you... She loves you... He loves you!!! You are just so adorable ! My all time Favorite Dish now!!! Love you Sona
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