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Linda Howard Case Study

No description

Hunter Clayton

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Linda Howard Case Study

Linda Howard Case Study
Looks back on life of 19 yr old girl who is a senior in high school
Biracial (Black American and White American)
Doesn't like being called black
Wants to be a singer
Likes to write
Family is her culture
Went to three different schools
Doesn't fit in unless she's in a mixed group
Key Issues
Interracial Identity
Family Values/ Education
Teachers and Role Models
Analyze Your Findings
People are still prejudiced
Surfaces don't determine personalities or characteristics
Her dreams and education are going to lead to her goals
U.S.A. President is interracial
Should your grade be based on how you are perceived to be?

How would you feel if teachers didn't challenge you in school?

How would you feel if people called you the wrong race?
Possible Implementations/ Recommendations
Don't judge before you know
Pay attention to people and their preferences
Be stronger mentally
Don't always pay attention to what people think or say
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