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Who fought in the Cold War?

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kaitlyn hamel

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Who fought in the Cold War?

The Cold War
What happened during the cold war?
Where was the Cold War?
The war never really occurred but the war was between the communists and the democrats
When was the Cold War?
The Cold War occurred from 1945 - 1991
Why did the Cold War Happen?
It was a political war between the communist and democrats. US thought democracy was good and Russia thought communism was good. They had a fight over democracy and they were building up their armies cause both sides were scared of each other.
Who fought in the Cold War?
The Allies (USA,England, France, and Canada) Fought "The Soviet Union" (Russia)
The Cold War is called a cold war because there was no actual battle or firing. It was between the USSR and the US because after WWII ended they were the dominating countries. However, US was democratic and the USSR was a communist nation and the US decided that they wanted to continue being "contain' communism.
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