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Animal Kingdom: Insectivores

By: Ravyn Hoffman, Tanner Trewin, and Kailyn Bittner

Dale Solberg

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of Animal Kingdom: Insectivores

By: Ravyn Hoffman
2. Examples of insectivores.
Ravyn's Row.
2. What is an animal?
Tanner's Row
Animal kingdom: insectivora
By: Tanner Trewin
What is an Insectivora?
It is a placental mammal that eats worms and insects. They are also recognized by their long snout. Examples of Insectivores are Moles, Shrews, bats, hedgehogs and Opossums.

5. image 'Seven Levels of Classification'

Rhyme to help you remember:
6. Image of the five animal kingdom
1. Animalia
2. Fungi
3. Monera
4. Protista
5. Plantae
7. Image of nine animal phyla
8. Phylum of your animal
My topic was insectivores, and their phylum is Mammalian, that means that they are mammals and that they have spines and have fur.
9. Introduce your animal PHYLUM with it basic traits. Ex: Porifera, Coelenterates, Chordata
Their phylum is Chordata.
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Infraclass: Eutheria
Order: Soricomorpha
Family: Talpidae
Chordata: comprises true vertebrates and animals having a notochord
Notochord: skeletal rod supporting the body
what is an insectivora
moles and bats carrie cancer but the mole wont spread the cancer if they dont get cut.
"Peekaboo, Penguins!" Scholastic News 2 jan 2014: 1+. Web. 18 Feb. 2014. <http://discoverer.prod.sirs.com>.
map of where penguins live
seven levels of classificion
10. Introduce your radio show topic: Ex: roundworms, warmblooded mammals, rodents
A insectivores is in the order insectvora, and they eat inects.
U.S animals that are insectivores:
11. Radio Show
Radio Show Topic: Insectivores
Most common insectivora: hedgehogs and golden moles etc.
Animal Phylum: Chordata

12. Questions.
1. T or F Are frogs insectivores?
2. T or F A insectivore only eats meat.
insectivora eat plants
1. Where do emperor penguins live?

South America

2. Where do Humboldt penguins live?

South America

3. Which kind of penguin lives in Australia?


4. Where do rockhopper penguins live?

Asia and Africa
North America and Africa
South America and Antarctica

Bonus: Emperor penguins live ____ of fairy penguins.


Use "Peekaboo, Penguins!" to answer the questions.

1. List the three kinds of penguins in the article. (Hint: Don't forget to look in the black box on page 3.)

• ___________________________________________________________________
• ___________________________________________________________________
• ___________________________________________________________________

2. Cameras that look like penguins, penguin eggs, and snowballs are called ____________________.

3. What is one reason it can be difficult to film penguins?


4. List one detail about the emperor-penguin-chick cam:


5. What did a caracara bird do to the egg cam?


Document type is MagazineMagazine

Scholastic News 2
(Vol. 70, No. 4)
Jan 2014, pp. 1+

Copyright © Scholastic Inc. Jan 2014. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

Peekaboo, Penguins!

People wanted to film penguins up close. So they hid cameras in some surprising places! Do you see the camera in this picture?

I Spy Penguins

Ocean waves crash upon the rocks. Rockhopper penguins jump out of the sea and squawk at each other. But one penguin doesn't make a sound.

The other penguins look at this odd bird. They don't know that it is not a penguin at all. It's a camera!

The Penguin Problem

People wanted to make a TV show about penguins. Instead of using regular cameras, they used cameras that look like three kinds of penguins. They also used cameras that looked like penguin eggs and snowballs. These kinds of cameras are called spy cams.

People have filmed penguins before, but it isn't easy. Some penguins are scared of people. People have tried to film penguins underwater, but the penguins just swim away. Humboldt penguins are so shy, people haven't been able to film them much at all.

A New Way to Film

But the penguins weren't scared of the spy cams! The cameras could get close to the penguins. The cameras filmed penguins swimming. They filmed penguins laying eggs. They even filmed the shy Humboldts!

Some spy cams looked a little too real. Birds called caracaras steal penguin eggs. One of these birds thought an egg cam was a real egg. The bird stole the egg cam! The egg cam filmed the sky as the bird flew away with it.

Eye on Spy Cams

Chick Cam

This camera was fluffy like an emperor penguin chick. The fluffy coat kept the camera from freezing.

Snowball Cam

This camera could roll around on its own. Some penguins followed it.

Humboldt Penguin Cam

Can you tell which penguins are real and which is the camera? The camera is the penguin on the left.

3. Fill in the blank.
1. A ____________ is a animal that eats only insects.
2. Their phylum is __________.
4. Mulitple choice
What is not an example of a insectivora?
a. Bats
b. moles
c. bat
d. spider
True or False
Animal Kingdom: Insectivores
Answers to Questions:
True or False
1. False
Fill in the Blank
3. Insectivores
4. Chordata
Mulitple choice
5. D
Nine animal phylum.
Kingdom Animalia
Youtube Video about facts on spiders
Video on bats
Animal Kingdom
example of a animal that lives in South Dakota:
Eastern mole:
Classifiction of animals
Classifiction: the action or process of classifying something according to shared qualities or characteristics
By: Tanner Trewin, Kailyn Bittner and Ravyn Hoffman
Introduction to mammals
Heterotrophic means you cant make your own food
Eukaryotic means all cells have nuecleus'
Multi- celluar means have more than one cell
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