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No description

Rajitha Thangarajah

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Yolosim

Scared Story
Holy Books, " who am i ?" and "Olfi and the 7 dwarfs"
Symbols and Rituals
Scorpio Sign
Place of worhship is Songolo
The Okay Sign - Scared symbol
Songolo Places
Religious Experience
Monotheist religion, Olfi
Tiny and white body
The founder is Olfi Saco
The 7 dwarfs
Berlin, Germany
Coming Of Age
Must over come your fears
Having a feast with family and friends
The 5 Festivals
Sing out loud Festival
Take your child to work place
Hay Festival
Didi Songo
Tutu Ladu
Take you child to work place

Experience outside world, job opportunity
To see how hard it is to gain money
Our parents struggles of earning money
Learn to spend and save money
Community Faith
Yism and Yolima
Yolosim Hall
Religious Teaching
5 Core Beliefs
You live once
Karma would follow you
God is our protector
God is who created the univerise and us
Heaven and Hell
Good behavior= heaven
Bad behavior= Hell
Goodness= straight to Heaven
Evil= Straight to Hell
Bibles are read and elders have a lesson to teach kids and families about the goodness in our religion
5 Values of this religion
“ Experience From The Extraordinary”
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