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A mental disorder that causes the brain and body to function differently.

Lizzie Anderson

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Autism

Lizzie Anderson hour 5 My brother
My brother, Austin, was diagnosed with autism when he was 8 years old. He is 17 and is a senior at Lakeville South in the SUN program. He likes to do the things every other 17 year old does, like play sports, watch TV, play video games, and hang out with friends, but he can't do those things as well as a 17 year old with out autsim. Sports:
Lakeville has a sport program for kids with special needs, Blazing Cats. My brother has played softball, soccer, and floor hockey. What is Autism?
Autism is a mental disorder that makes the brain and body function differently. Some children are born with it, but others develop it within the first few years of life. There are about 1 out of 500 people have autism. They have not found a cure for autism. Hearing:
The brain in an autistic individual can misinterpret sounds very easily. Some times sounds come in at the same volume level. Imagine being outside and having people talking, a plane flying over your head, birds chirping, and dogs barking come in all at the same volume level. Vision: A lot of times the eyes of an autistic person work really well. They can see small things we might not even notice. Also if their outside on a bright, sunny day, the sun might be too bright and hurt their eyes. Taste:
An autistic person has a very strong sense of taste. They are usually very picky eaters. They sometimes have a sense of taste so strong that they can taste a small grain of pepper in their food. Also things might taste different to them. Maybe something that might taste horrible to us, might taste good to them. Touch:
People with autism have a strong sense of touch and feel. They might be very sensitive to ichy clothing or different textures. They also might dislike having things on their hands or feet. Smell:
A smell that is very strong to us might not be strong to someone with autism, or it might be the opposite. Communication:
People with autism usually have a very hard time communicating with us. They could have a hard time pronouncing words or saying them. They might repeat themselves over and over. Also they have a very hard time telling how someone is feeling. Summary: Autistic children have a very hard time communicating and expressing their feelings. Their senses are a lot stronger, or sometimes a lot weaker. They can't function as easily as we can, but they are still people and can still do sports, hang out with friends, play video games and watch TV just like us. Behavior: Autistic people have a much different behavior. They can be very loud sometimes, yet they can also be very quiet and shy. When they have something in their head, they stick to it, a lot of times with out thinking. And when their told to do something, they have to be told ahead of time or they take a while because they need to finish that task before they move on to a new one. Spectrum Disorder: Autism is a spectrum disorder which means there is a wide range of abilities. Austin is in the middle, he has Pervasive Development Disorder or PDD. There are some kids with severe autism who can't communicate at all and kids with Aspergers who are highly intelligent and high functioning. Social Skills: People with autism have a very hard time socializing with others. They have poor eye contact with people or objects. Children can have poor play skills (pretend or social play.)They might become overly focused on a topic or objects that interest them. They have problems making friends because they can easily start crying, becoming angry, giggling, or laughing for no known reason or at the wrong time. 5 Senses: People with autism can have very strong or weak senses. Bishop, Beverly, and Craig Bishop. My Friend with Autism. Arlington, TX: Future Horizons, 2002. Print.
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