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shannon davidson

on 30 June 2017

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Transcript of Scream(1996)

Film Promotion Package
The lighting in the image is dark creates fear and the unknown. The shade in the edges from the girls face can connote the evil larking in the shadows. the darkness is dominant on the poster to signify that evilness lurks everywhere and the danger.
The main image is a extreme close up of the girls face to exaggerate her expression also it creates mystery linking with a sub-genre as the audience does not know if its her hand or someone elses. Her facial exprssion shows she is scared or in shock this puts empathsis on the horror genre. The blue eyes are the only colour in the poster this could highlight she is a protagonist as the colour makes her stand out. the blue eyes can connote purity and innocence making her the victim of the movie. and is looking directly at the audience which could be quite emotive. The vividness of the blue colour can contrast with the black and white making them stand out as the focus point of the picture.The hand over her mouth could signify shes being attacked or kept quiet it links with the title as it connotes fear and shock and helps creates suspense with the audience. The hand creates a horrific feeling as its like someone has crept onto her, and this enigma creates an uneasy feeling, also its not a gender specific as the hand looks both also creating a mystery feeling.
the tagline gives the audience a insight on what is going to happen in the movie. in indicates that the main plot is going to be about murder connoting suspense and violence linking with the main image. By using emotive words like love will gain a relationship with the audience who also enjoys horror movies setting a target audience. The pun of 'mystery is going to be a murder' shows an element of comedy setting a sense of relief.
the title suggests the main element of the film, hence the play on the word 'scream' in which is included in the movie. it connects with the main image of the poster as it looks like she is about to scream by having a hand covering her mouth. the way the font is capitals can show the title is screaming playing on the title, also making it stand out and attract the audience. the white colour contrasts with the dark background, it also using the contrast of the colour as white connotes safety which goes against the plot of the movie. the letter 'm' is like a dagger this suggests that the film could contain violence .
the poster uses dyers star theory as it shows the main actors which will attract the target audience as it is an easy way to promote the film. it also uses a common feature of a credit block to highlight the movie and give it a professional look.
the title is bold and white and is dominant over the main image promoting the headline. The white signifys the brilliance of the meaning of 'entertainment' it also contrasts with the red background making the antagonist stand out more, making him seem more evil. The bold capitals make it eyecatching to the reader.
the main image is just one character from the movie 'scream'. The facial expression is unknown as it is a mask but it look directly at the camera , making it seem more creepy. The audience will be uncomfortable to look at. The main image the only image used to show the dominance the antagonist has over, putting more empathsis on evilness he has. Also the scream mask is the centre focus because it is a global known icon and connotes death as it represents the death reaper.
the colour scheme is mostly shades to highlight the darkness of the movie. white and black represent the good and bad, suggesting hope within the plot of the movie. Red is represented as dangerous and blood which could show the genre of the scream movie since it is a slasher.
the magazine company 'entertainment' tells the reader when it is released. Weekly is engraved into the headline to show that they are committed to releases. it also adds more space and gives it more of a professional look. it is bold to make it stand out to the reader so they know exactly when it comes out.
the cover lines are positioned at the top of the magazine to show the most important news. some are bold to highlight their importance and some are in a roman font to make it seem more formal.
the main cover line is that 'scream returns' is enlarged from the rest of the cover lines ot match with the main image. The returns is blue to connote depth as it parts of a sequel. The bold letters make them stand out and be eye-catching towards the reader.
The sleepy little town of Woodsboro just woke up screaming. There's a killer in their midst who's seen a few too many scary movies. Suddenly nobody is safe, as the psychopath stalks victims, taunts them with trivia questions, then rips them to bloody shreds.
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